Rainlegs Fluorescent Yellow


Protect your legs from rain, wind, and cold. Made of windproof and waterproof ripstop nylon and weighs only 140 grams. The leg protectors are open at the back so that no condensation of sweat occurs and your clothes stay dry. They are easy and quick to put on with excellent dexterity. Wind- and waterproof PU coating (10,000 mbar).

Instructions: This is how simple it is:

  1. The smart half shell designed Rainlegs are light weight (140 grams) andeasy to wear like abelt around your waist.
  2. When it starts raining you simply roll down the Rainlegs andyou secure them with a clip and Velcro fasteners.
  3. You will now “Keep Your Legs Warm & Dry".

Size Chart:

  • Small (height 150-165cm / 5-5.5ft).
  • Medium (heigt 165-175cm - 5.6-5.8ft)
  • Large (height 175-185cm - 5.8-6.1ft)
  • XLarge (height 185cm + -6.1ft +)   


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