Cycling the Great Divide

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The 2nd edition guidebook, which accompanies the Great Divide maps, contains suggested riding distances, campsites, historic and natural history. By Michael McCoy & the Adventure Cycling Association. Updates includes info on the 254 miles in Canada (begining in Banff - Antelope Wells, with maps and photos), as well as changes and additions to the evolving trail, as of 2016.

Mostly dirt roads, a little pavement, some single track, and 100% adventure await on the great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico. Cyclists dream of and plan for this life-list trip that starts in Banff, Alberta and rolls through 2,745 miles of wild mountainous beauty all the way to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Michael McCoy and the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) provide a segmented route guide for you to follow in its entirety or section ride to suit your schedule and stamina. This 2016 updated edition provides the information you need to stay on route and find food, water, bike supplies, and shelter (camp or stay in small-town accommodations) over the entire adventure. 253 pg.


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Reviewed By: GS on 1/6/23

I really enjoyed this book. Some of the info is getting a bit out of date, but it goes into the history of sections of the route which makes for a fun read. It also has a recommended 70 day route itinerary that's a good starting point for most riders. I kept an e-book version on my phone to read in the tent at night.

Informative book


Reviewed By: David Kinney on 11/26/22

Very informative book

Cycling the Great Divide


Reviewed By: Rick Arneson on 10/8/22

Thorough review of the authors riding scenario sprinkled with historic bits and details. It seems every challenge from bears to water to likely campsites mechanical issues and especially navigation were addressed. I continue to look back regularly at sections as I plan my ride in 2023.

Great book


Reviewed By: Cindy on 2/6/21

This book lays out a very doable plan for riding and enjoying the Great Divide. The author provides information on the topography without sounding dire about every mountain pass one will ride over! He also shares interesting history and stories along the route which enriches the adventure of the ride. A big thank you to Michael McCoy for his part in developing the Great Divide route, and for writing a book to complement it.

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