Terry Liberator X Gel Saddle for Women

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Step up to the latest in cycling comfort with this ergonomically sculpted saddle with gel inserts. Great for touring or extended time in the saddle. The sculpted shape and cut-out provide support for the sit bones while relieving pressure. Gel inserts are strategically located around the cut-out and in the rear for cushioning comfort. Constructed with a Dura-tek cover for long-lasting good looks, foam padding for comfort and sturdy steel rail.


Length: 9.8 inches

Width:  6.5 inches

Weight: 386g / 13.6oz

Color / material: Black perforated Dura-tek cover with black stitching and a thin gel layer



Average rating: based on 3 reviews.

Good so far


Reviewed By: Caroline Scales on 6/6/22

I've ridden about 375 miles on this seat over the past 5 weeks. Longest ride was about 30 miles. So far I love it. My previous seat had a small rip and I wanted to replace it before it turned into a big rip. The Terry seat seems almost identical to the old one but is a little bit firmer. This hasn't been an issue at all and I don't anticipate it will become one. Very pleased with the Terry so far, and glad I splurged a bit for it.

Saddle comfort


Reviewed By: Karen Taylor-Rosner on 6/10/20

I am a petite 5' 1" woman, 115 pounds with very little rear "padding". I ride longer distances, usually 40-50 miles per week, several times per week. I found this saddle to be comfortable for the first 15 miles or so, but then experience chafing on the upper leg/seat area. I use padded cycle shorts, chamois cream, and have a professionally fitted road bike, so I'm not sure what my problem is with this seat. However, for shorter distance riding, this seat is comfortable.

Width matters...know yours


Reviewed By: Jennifer Trost on 7/5/09

Being a female with narrow sit-bones, this saddle was a bit too wide and resulted in a sharp pain on the inner/rear thigh where the leg and saddle met. I recommend measuring the width of your sit-bones prior to purchasing any saddle...it makes a HUGE difference! I work at a Trek dealer in Pullman, WA where we have a similar measuring tool for their Inform line of saddles. I recommend contacting your local Trek dealer to see if they have one too. I'm not aware if other companies have this same type of tool. It is worth the visit to get your measurements. On another note...I rode this saddle for a couple of years and it really has held up well. The cut-out does help relieve pressure points on soft tissue...just wish it was narrower for me.

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