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Keep beverages ice cold during long, hot rides with this insulated bottle. Double-wall construction provides an insulating thermal layer while a foil layer within the walls reflects solar heat away. Just fill it up with water and ice and hit the road. Drip and spill-free valve are cleanable too- just twist and pull the valve out for easy cleaning. Also features a wide, 2-inch diameter opening for easy filling. Fits into standard cycling bottle cages. 

  • BPA Free
  • Safe plastic LDPE 4 
  • Holds 24 fl oz
  • Dishwasher safe
  • LW-1471


Average rating: based on 4 reviews.

Great Bottle


Reviewed By: David Hasenflu on 7/2/17

Great Bottle, keeps my drink cold for nearly 3 hours. Highly recommended, would buy this again

Great Bottle


Reviewed By: A customer from Northeast Indiana on 10/24/12

I've purchased these bottles for years and love them. They're durable and they insulate better than any plastic insulated bottle on the market today. Cons...none. I read someone complained about it being too stiff, couldn't squeeze the bottle. Weird because my 5 year old grandson can squeeze one to get a drink! Another con is fitting; some bottle cages were definitely problematic. While I haven't used these bottles in every single cage ever made, they do work in at least a dozen different brands that I have used. I tried the other brand of insulated bottle and it did not keep my drink as cold, or for as long as a Polar bottle. For the job of insulating a cold or warm drink, the Polar wins hands down.

Great Bottle


Reviewed By: A customer from Fort Wayne, IN USA on 5/9/12

This is absolutely the best plastic insulated bottle on the market today, it keeps liquids colder or hotter better then any other plastic insulated bottle. Complaints about the bottle being too stiff are unfounded, I've been using these bottles for many years and never had any difficulty being able to squeeze the bottle to get liquid out. The bottle is stiffer then a normal bottle because it is a double hull bottle with insulated material between the hulls; and it's jast a tad stiffer then the competitions insulated bottles because it's made better with thicker plastic so it won't split or puncture should it fall like what happen to a competitors I had that I used. So there is a trade off between getting a slightly stiffer bottle and having it last a lot longer, or get a flimsy easy to squeeze bottle that won't last as long. A bottle with no indentations can and will slide out of a cage if jarred just right, but the indentations on the Polar works great. Sure you may have to rotate the bottle a bit to make sure it's in the cage properly but once you do it once or twice it becomes virtually automatic, it's a extremely minor point not even worth discussing. These bottles are so well constructed they literally will last years, not a season or two like others.

polar water bottle


Reviewed By: A customer from new mexico on 8/23/10

the bottle does not fit well in cages at times depending on their rotation. This is due to the angular indentation around the middle being inconsistent. (suggest the indentation be the same width around the entire bottle, no corners). Also, the bottle does not squeeze well with one hand, too stiff, must suck the water out, that makes it inconvenient and more difficult to get the water out. It kept things cold for about 2 hours, better than regular bottles.

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