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Wind Blox
$17.95 - $18.95

Designed to block up to 80% of wind noise while riding your bike (ACA's opinion is product blocks +/- up to 50% of wind noise). Unlike ear plugs and headphones, Wind-Blox only blocks the wind noise, allowing you to hear approaching traffic, nature and fellow cyclists. Black. Sold as a pair. Two sizes: 

  • Wind Blox Pro L - 2cm. x 10cm
  • Wind Blox Pro XL - 3cm x 11cm

Please note, product is not elligible for return if it has been used. 



Average rating: based on 16 reviews.

Not impressed


Reviewed By: Kim Stanley on 12/31/20

Didn't find much of a difference in wind noise reduction and the one on the left partially obstructs my view when using my "Look" rear view mirror.

Clunky and Cumbersome


Reviewed By: Tom E. on 12/13/20

Difficult to position, marginal if any effectiveness, and impinges on the temples of my sunglasses requiring them to be constantly adjusted. I might keep playing with them, but for now have found it more convenient to leave them at home.

Sort of works...


Reviewed By: Blaine Snow on 10/5/20

Finally had a chance to put these Wind Blox to the test yesterday. Verdict? Maybe reduced wind noise 50%. There was still definitely wind noise so I played with them while riding, twisting them a bit, pressing them more firmly against the sides of my head - but there was always some noise. I wore sunglasses without too much discomfort although they get in the way some of taking the glasses on and off. I was careful to install them exactly as instructed and will play more with small adjustments but, there's no question that these do not eliminate wind noise while riding.

Good quality & good idea, but will require tweaking to be effective


Reviewed By: Keith L on 8/31/20

The Wind Blox Pro is a quality product, but like several others have mentioned, it does not work well with glasses. I did find some potential wind noise improvement by placing my finger upon the outside edge of the Wind Blox. This both pressed the Wind Blox tighter to my jaw and effectively increased the thickness of the Wind Blox. My helmet straps are so tight they have become uncomfortable in order to keep the Wind Blox tight against my jaw. I’ll be experimenting with tweaks. Maybe more to report later.

They Definitely work!


Reviewed By: Art Bull on 6/17/20

Block about 75% of wind noise, I'm going to order another pair in case something happens to the ones I just bought (like sweat). Size is a bit on the large size as other reviewers have noted, but these things work!

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