Miles from Nowhere: A Round-the-World Bicycle Adventure

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By Barbara Savage. Foreword by Tara Austen Weaver. The story of Barbara and Larry Savage’s sometimes dangerous, often zany, but ultimately rewarding 23,000-mile bicycle odyssey, which took them through 25 countries in two years. Along the way, these near-neophyte cyclists on their 10-speeds encountered warm-hearted strangers eager to share food and shelter, bicycle-hating drivers who ran them off the road, various wild animals (including an attack camel), rock-throwing Egyptians, overprotective Thai policeman, motherly New Zealanders, meteorological disasters, bodily indignities, and great personal joys. Sb. 354 pp.


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A classic!


Reviewed By: Carl Berkowitz on 1/13/23

I read this book in high school, many (many!) years ago. It was the first adventure cycling book I read, and it got me hooked. Later in life, my daughter read it, and got the same bug. This book, and Dervla Murphy's "Full Tilt" should be in the library of every adventure cyclist.

Miles From NO Where


Reviewed By: Karen Barber on 10/22/22

I was excited to get this book, and have enjoyed reading it, it's basically a diary of what a couple went through, from the first decision to sell everything, quit their jobs and head out. I appreciated that they mentioned folks along the way that they met, isn't that what it's about? And family that encouraged and even joined for a bit. Perfect book to read before bed, the dreams are wonderful.

Excellent book


Reviewed By: William S. on 11/6/20

Great individuals, beautiful story, insightful people and a really amazing cycling journey. Really good book.

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