Ortlieb Ultimate 6S Handle Bar Bag

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Jan 5, 2022

Smaller than the regular Ultimate 6 bag with the same features. The Ultimate 6S is made of durable and waterproof polyester fabric and a 5-liter payload, the bag offers you plenty of space for your valuables and everything else you need to be able to access quickly while out for a ride. Offers a lockable reinforced lid with magnetic closure and removable shoulder strap. Asphalt/Black.


  • Height cm/in:  13.5/5.3
  • Width cm/in: 24/9.4
  • Depth cm/in: 13/5.1
  • Volume L/cu.in: 5/305 
  • Weight g/oz: 664/23.4

***Note from Ortlieb: The UItimate mounting set must not be used on carbon handle bars.***


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Ortlieb H.B. bag


Reviewed By: J.Tanner on 6/30/18

Super nice bag!

Great handlebar bag


Reviewed By: Biker John on 6/6/18

My wife and I had used Ortlieb saddle bags while on tour in Germany and Austria and felt they were the best bass we had ever used. The handlebar is completely waterproof and has a very efficient magnetic closure system that always worked. The small zippered pouch on the inside front was great for keeping my cash and receipts. I attached the optional map pocket holder which was large enough to display two sections of the map sections at one time. I did not use the attachment system that was included. I had a klicklfix attachment from a previous bag that also worked with this bag. Although this bag is more expensive that many others on the market, I never had to worry about the effects inclement weather. I would not hesitate to make this selection again.

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