Static Cling Route Decals

Adventure Cycling Association
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A static cling decal representing one of ACA's routes.

Artwork by Ed Jenne. 4" x 5".

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Lewis & Clark static decal


Reviewed By: Marilyn on 1/5/20

Have not put it in our car window yet. Like the previous reviewers, it may not show due to tinted windows on the newer car, so the good ol’ Honda will most likely be sporting this decal. So happy to finally have the Lewis & Clark route represented. We are still cycling our way thru this one, one summer and one map at a time.

Window Decal


Reviewed By: Tracy Sefcik on 6/13/18

I love the window decal for the bragging rights however, I also called to see if ACA could start creating a sticker for the outside of my car for I have tinted windows and very hard to see unless the sun is shinning on it and would rather have the outside one. Hopefully in time I will be back getting more stickers. Keep up the great work!

Not clingy enough


Reviewed By: L.E.B. on 6/22/16

Great graphics but the static cling did not adhere to the inside of my window. While not clingy is a good thing in a person, it is a very bad thing in a decal or sticker. The only way it adheres is sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass.

Inside the glass on a picture frame set


Reviewed By: Kathryn Silvia on 3/19/15

I collect these kinds of decals in picture frames with a solid color mat background, or a tour photo... the glass plate is better than a window because it can move with me when I relocate. I havent used a car in over 15 years now... I love my current Rans recumbent and Radical Design panniers... as an all weather rider and new adventure cyclist... the lifestyle works for me!

Designed for the inside of a window.


Reviewed By: Philip Fowler on 12/25/06

I saw this decal and thought it would look really good on the bicycle stand in my apartment. When the sticker arrived I was saddened to find that it was designed to go inside of a window. The decal would be perfect if I had a car; however, since I am car free the decal currently has no where to adhere. The quality of the sticker is great though; therefore, when I do find a window I know it will look nice.

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