Ortlieb Ultimate 2-6 Handlebar Bag Mounting Set E185

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Extra mounting set for the Ortlieb Ultimate Series Handlebar Bags. If you have more than one bike, this allows you to switch the bag from bike to bike. Compatible with Ultimate 2 thru 6 models. Cable is GRAY.

Attention: unsuitable for carbon handlebars



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Ortlieb Ultimate 2-6 Handlebar Bag Mounting Set


Reviewed By: John D on 7/1/19

I bought the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 handlebar bag last year for a Southern Tier ride. I liked the bag and the method of connection so much, I decided to purchase a second mounting set so I could use the bag on both of my bikes. It is interesting that this mounting set is very similar to and works with a bag with the Klickfix setup that I had purchased many years ago from REI. Although I have never had any issues with the older Klickfix mounting bracket, the Ortlieb bracket is sturdier, being held in place with a stout wire. I also notice that the Ortlieb bracket holds my bag a bit further forward from the handlebar. I like this, as it gives my knuckles plenty of room when I am riding with my hands on the top of the handlebar. I haven't used the locking feature, as I always remove the bag when I leave my bike to visit a store, etc. It did take a bit more time to install than my previous Klickfix bag mount, but the extra time was worth the upgrade.

Now I can use my Ortlieb handlebar bag on different bikes


Reviewed By: ERKing on 10/28/18

Ortlieb handlebar bags are the best bags I have used, but the mounting clip cannot be moved from bike to bike limiting their use. This mounting set lets me expand the number of bikes on which I can use the bag. I found that the mounting clip is not available at any of my local bike shops, so I was happy to find it in the Cyclosource Store. I am sure I will order another mounting clip so I have one for each of my bikes. Thanks to Cyclosource for carrying such a wide range of great parts and gear!

Another great Ortlieb product


Reviewed By: Carol on 1/4/18

I have three touring bikes and I put one of these on each bike so I can move my bag from bike to bike. Using the Ortlieb -Ultimate 2-6 Handlebar Bag is a piece of cake and snaps in and out for easy installation and removal.

Ortlieb Ultimate 2-6 Handlebar Bag Mounting Set E185


Reviewed By: Rob Kerr on 6/23/16

Mounts easily and works great. I should have bought it years ago instead of switching the mounting set between my bikes.

Bag Mount


Reviewed By: Ron B on 3/1/16

I had the 5 series of this mount and was very happy with it. They made the 6 to accommodate the new mount adapters for lights and speedometers. I bought one of the adapters so I had to buy the 6 mount for that to work. Overall the 6 goes on the same way and works well. It locks the Ortlieb handlebar bag in place just fine. I'm probably not used to it, but it takes a little more to get the bag on than my 5 series. Otherwise it's good. But there may be an issue with the adaptor depending on your bike. So read my review on that as well.

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