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Jones H-Bars make a great upgrade from a traditional flat or riser (mtb style) or a drop bar, and offer a wide range of comfortable, useful, and unique hand positions that allow you to change your body position while riding.  This allows you to ride longer, more comfortably, and with greater control!  The Jones H-Bars have 45 degrees of sweep to put your wrists in a natural position, and are designed to be used with longer grips which fill the entire grip area, thereby giving access to the full range of hand positions that make the H-Bars so special.  Please refer to the H-Bar Manual below for more information on fit, setup, and installation.
All Jones H-Bars have:
45 degrees of sweep for ergonomic hand positions.
31.8mm stem clamp area. 
22.2mm grip area (to fit standard flat bar/mtb style controls.
710mm H-Bars have cutting guides to trim grip area down to original 660mm width for riders who need to have narrower bars.
Not compatible with bar end shifters.
For proper instalation and comfort please view H-Bar Manuel, we also recommend that the H-Bars be purchased with a set of grips because the grips are key to getting the most out of the H-Bars. Recommended grips can be found here: Kraton H-Grips

**NOTE: Brake, shifters and bar grips shown in pictures are not included with purchase, just handlebar**

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Average rating: based on 6 reviews.

Great bars


Reviewed By: Chao-ying Wu on 9/13/22

Worked great to relieve neck and shoulder pain. I added some SQ lab inner bar ends near the front center to give 5 useable riding positions. Great customer service too! Thank you!



Reviewed By: wil on 1/17/18

relatively easy to install. take everything off the old bar and put it back on the new bar. both grips split when I tried to reinstall them but that's not a big deal. the problem ( only) is that the jones bar really doesn't give you that many functional places to grip. not really. the grip placements at the end of the bar curve back too close to my body. I feel like a grandma on an old-time bike the way they curve back towards me. or maybe its the wicked witch of the west. as long as you use some of the center grip positions you're OK.

Nice Conversion


Reviewed By: Rich on 2/13/17

I purchased a Surly Disc Trucker and wanted to install flat bars for touring. The reviews of Jones bars were great. I asked Cyclosource to measure the space between the loops as I was trying to figure out where I would mount a handlebar bag. Cyclosource was very helpful and got them to me quickly. I had to convert from the factory drop bars which required new brake levers and cables. I also purchased Paul Components thumb shifter mounts and Ergo GC1 grips. I have issues with thumb and wrist pain so I didn't go with MTB shifters or the recommended grips. All components installed easily. I shortened the bars from 710 to the original length of 660 as it was a better fit with the grips and my stature. Looking forward to my first long tour!



Reviewed By: jim norton on 11/28/16

The bars were exactly what I expected. Well made and fitted nicely on my bike Unfortunately they were completely incompatible with the brakes for drop bars. My bad. What an idiot I should have realized that would happen.



Reviewed By: NCcyclist on 9/28/16

As always, ordering from Cyclosource is quick and effortless. Haven't used Jone H-bar yet, but swap out on my touring bike was relatively simple (went from flat bar and only had to change out cable lengths). I'm sure these bars will be all I expect and more.

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