Salsa Anything Cage HD

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Note: this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for sale. For replacement, click here: Salsa EXP Series Anything Cage HD with EXP Rubber Straps

The Anything Cage HD is an unconventional ‘bicycle rack’ that creates a flexible carrying system for attaching lightweight gear or larger bottles of water to the bicycle, allowing for an expanded range and more diverse cycling experiences.

The Anything Cage DOES NOT mount to water bottle cage bosses with only two bolt holes.

  • Constructed of impact resistant Nylon
  • Carry lightweight roundish objects such as insulated Nalgene bottle holders, Thermoses, Gatorade jugs, small dry bags, and ultralight sleeping pads and shelters
  • Mounts to water bottle cage mounts via Salsa’s Three-Pack pattern
  • Includes two nylon straps
  • Cargo Weight Limit: 6.6lbs (3kg)
  • Cage Weight: 149g

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Salsa Anything Cage


Reviewed By: Adam on 6/23/20

I have two plastic cages and one over sized metal cage on my rig and they all work great. Although I will be switching the two plastic cages out for metal cages. Sadly after one trial ride with weight (below the rec. max weight of 6.6lbs) on mixed conditions (concrete/gravel) the plastic around the bolts started to crack and I can assure that I had NOT over tightened the bolts. Now I highly doubt I will experience a catastrophic failure of the plastic product but with the metal cages I will be 99% confident the cages will hold up no matter the conditions. I'd rather have the peace of mind than saving maybe a few OZs.

HD cage and bags


Reviewed By: Albert Donald on 7/10/19

Love them both

Salsa Anything Cage HD


Reviewed By: Larry Hodgin on 3/30/18

A good option for large bottles, small dry bags, or growler. For those adotping a non pannier system, this cage, and straps, offers many creative possibilities.

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