Essential Touring Cyclist

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A Complete Course for the Bicycle Traveler. A fully illustrated manual detailing bike choice, equipment, packing and more. By Richard A. Lovett. SB 179p.


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The Touring Cyclist's Bible


Reviewed By: Gary Gomer on 8/22/09

The book is excellent for anyone intersted in bicycle touring. It has very practical information that anyone can understand from selecting a bike, proper bike fitting, bike ,maintenance, clothing and gear, trip planning, and more. It's a great reference book!

Best money I could have spent on 'how to tour.'


Reviewed By: Fred on 6/25/09

When I look back on all the books I have read/studied on cross country touring over the last 12 years this is the best by has the combination of breath, depth and accuracy I have not seen elsewhere.

The Essential Touring Cyclist


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 6/13/09

This book does a good job of covering the basics of bike touring.

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