Kryptonite R2 Retractable Combo Cable Lock

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A portable pocket combination lock perfect for those, “oops I didn’t realize I’d need a lock” moments. Features 10,000 resettable combinations and a 2.4 mm vinyl coated steel retraction security cable.

  • Product dimensions: 1/8” (2.6mm) cable diameter 3’ (90cm / 35.4in) cable length. Product weight: 0.40 lbs (~0.18 kgs).
  • Product (actual lock) dimensions: 3" height x 2.5" width x 1" thick.

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Average rating: based on 5 reviews.

Combo cable lock


Reviewed By: John Wade on 6/9/20

Lightweight, convenient and clean. Will not cause sagging or dirty jersey pocket. Much easier to use than coiled cable lock! Must use common sense on when and where to use. Good price!

Minimalist deterrence


Reviewed By: Charlie Pieterick on 12/23/19

Lock provides a minimalist, and minimal, theft deterrence. I add the elastic brake handle locks for one additional, time consuming deterrent for day rides in low crime areas. Wouldn’t use in the city.

Kryptonite retractable bike lock


Reviewed By: michael romanow on 11/11/19

perfect for what it is; lightweight, simple lock to deter theft, like you're having lunch and the bike is in view, but you know someone can't just run off with it.

Serves its purpose


Reviewed By: Robert Chauncey on 10/3/19

Light weight. Easy to use. Will deter the non - determined.

Lock it up!


Reviewed By: Valerie Barboza on 7/11/19

Light & easy to use to prevent theft on rides with a stop.

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