Arkel Kargo Rear Pannier

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Created using recycled Poly 600 denier with PU coating. The top loading design has a skirt and drawstring under the hood, two zippered side loading pockets, a pocket on the hood, a compression strap for stability and a two way top to bottom front zipper to easily access your gear. The panniers have reflective piping on all sides and use a aluminum hook attachment system. Sold as a pair.


Height: 19"

Width: 14"

Volume (Pair): 48l

Weight (Pair): 3.1lbs

Color: Black

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Ariel Kargo Rear Panniers


Reviewed By: Jerry Ross on 6/24/21

These are not high-end spacious panniers.. but who needs that!! I use them for my daily commute to the gym.. they hold all I need and come on and off very smoothly. AND …. I just finished a 4 day bike trip across NY.. they were excellent. I also have Ortlieb panniers which are great, but sometimes they seem a bit overkill. So.. for the price and functionality, I highly recommend the Kargo panniers.

Good packs for occasional touring


Reviewed By: A customer from Outer Banks, NC USA on 10/7/12

When I first received the Kargo Panniers, I was a little disappointed that they did not have the locking rack clamps described on the Arkel website, but instead just an open aluminum hook in addition to the bungee cord bottom fastner. Once mounted, however the bags were secure and I never had any fear that they would fall off during normal on-road riding. I used the bags for a solo inn-to-inn 350 mile trip around the Pamlico Sound and they worked great. They are lightweight (loaded with riding and off bike clothing for the week they only weighed about 16 pounds) but they are NOT waterproof. I always pack in zip lock bags, so the rainy day I experienced did not wet any of my stuff, but some water did accumulate in the bottom of the panniers. They did, however, dry very quickly.

Was a great pannier!!!


Reviewed By: A customer from Arlington,Va. USA on 9/17/10

I just completed a two week bike tour in Switzerland. It was the first time I traveled self contained. I decided on these panniers because they were less expensive than waterproof panniers and larger and lighter than most panniers I reviewed. I was really interested in light!!! I did not need all the space that was afforded and would actually purchase a smaller size if I had to do it again. The panniers were easy to take on and off the bike and the zip pocket on the top of the pannier provided easy access to things I needed during the day. I made the pannier water proof by lining the pannier with a plastic trash bag. It worked beautifully!!! I biked one day in a very drenching rain and all my possessions stayed dry. While others on the trip had much dirtier panniers at the end of the rain day (we all had the same type of bike) my panniers stayed quite clean. Don't know if the material shed dirt better or if I was just lucky. Because I kept the panniers lined with the plastic trash liner I did not use the other zippered openings though could see how they might be a benefit for some people.The only thing I found myself wishing for, was that the panniers had a better handle to carry the panniers when off the bike. Ideally I would have liked to somehow been able to attach the two bags together and wear them as a back pack or have a padded shoulder strap to wear the panniers as a shoulder bag. When carrying the panniers the handle was uncomfortable in the palm of my hand. I really liked these panniers and would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to purchase panniers.

Arkel Kargo Rear Panniers


Reviewed By: A customer from Orland Park, IL on 6/29/10

Very servicable for the money; roomy and lightweight. I also purchased the raincovers which kept the panniers dry in a torrential downpour. All in all a good value.

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