The Spirit of the Trail: A Journey to Fulfillment Along the Continental Divide

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46 Days, 2,774 Miles, and the Bike Trip of a Lifetime. Two professionals in their 50s made a choice that some might call crazy: they pulled out of their busy lives for two months and tackled what is called the most challenging bike route in North America. In The Spirit of the Trail, Carrie Morgridge and her husband John take you along this journey. By Carrie Morgridge. Pb. 236 pp.

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Reviewed By: Cindy on 1/31/21

We purchased this book in anticipation of riding the Divide this summer. The book may be helpful for those who are very goal oriented and want to find the most motels and amenities along the route. The authors are to be commended for their generosity in donating the proceeds of the book sales to ACA. As for the "spirit of the trail" I am sorry to say I found little that was inspriring or conveyed the joy of the ride. Instead it was self-promoting and tedious. One can find much more enjoyable reads on crazyguy journals.

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