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Burlington, VT - Burlington, VT (379.5 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association

When ridden in a clockwise direction, the main route of the Green Mountains Loop Bicycle Route travels from Burlington, Vermont, eastward into New Hampshire along the Connecticut River. It continues back across Vermont then north into New York along the shore of Lake Champlain. Alternate routes provide options to ride entirely in Vermont. The Green Mountains dominate the views and the geography of Vermont. Although much of the route lies within valleys, expect many hills of less than 200 feet. Crossing the spine of the Green Mountains involves climbs of 1,640' between Richford and North Troy, and 1,220' between Hancock and East Middlebury. To avoid the climb between Richford and North Troy, you can cross the border into Canada for a more level 15-mile alternate. Most of the route uses lightly traveled roads with no shoulder. Paved shoulders prevail where traffic is moderate.

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Nicely done


Reviewed By: Bill I on 10/15/16

A great ride on well chosen roads. Vermont is a great place to tour, and the alternative routes allow options for different levels of intensity and experience. I don't have any significant complaints or issues but reserve five stars for the most exceptional products. One recommendation is to highlight the severity of the two climbs as one approaches Milddlebury from the east. They are two of the six from the Vermont Six Gap Ride, and may be too steep for some cyclists to enjoy.

Green Mountain Loop


Reviewed By: Gretta Stone on 10/4/11

Unfortunately I have not been able to use the maps yet - my trip was planned for mid-September, and Hurricane Irene wiped out half the roads I was going to ride on! I have loved using ACA maps in the past(Northern Tier and Pacific Coast), and it looks like you have managed to improve them even more. I'm looking forward to actually trying out the route next spring or summer.

Review of Green Mountains Loop Map


Reviewed By: A customer from Durham, NC on 9/13/11

1. I printed two copies of the map so that I could cut one up and tape it together into a loop. That was nice. However, the cost was pretty high compared to getting ACA to print it. I don't think I would recommend someone print their own, since it worked out to be so much more expensive. A non-printable digital copy would still be useful, though. 2. It was very difficult to find the route since we started about 5-10 miles into it. We spent a whole day trying to get on it, and only succeeded at the end. This was between Colchester and Woods Hill Road moving clockwise. Often, the road or path the route follows isn't named clearly on the map! This made it crazy difficult to find. It also meant that we had to pull out the description at every turn to make sure we were going on a bike trail when necessary, etc. This was cumbersome, and we honestly skipped it a lot. PLEASE MARK THE NAME OF THE ROAD!! 3. The alternative routes were great; more of them were available on the ground and should be added. 4. The elevation chart was also great for planning, albeit deceiving at times. Drastic declines weren't really that way, and even uphills were more intermittent than the elevation chart suggested. 5. One crucial direction was missing in that first section on map 1: Turn left on Mill Pond road just after the junction of 2/7. Although, perhaps that's not quite right, since we were totally lost that whole day. 6. Fun route; challenging with the hills. Didn't do the southern half due to flooding, but came across the center of the state. 7. Major stops for tourists would have been nice. We could choose to go or not.

Green Mountain Loop


Reviewed By: Sheila Rosenthal on 7/12/11

Easy to use and has useful information along with the maps. I liked that it gave a couple of different options on routes and included elevation changes.

Green Mountains Loop


Reviewed By: Gary Snow on 9/21/10

Beautiful ride. Missed a few of the turns where road were not clearly marked. The distance indicated distance between turns was invaluable.

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