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Blacksburg, VA - Blacksburg, VA (408.5 miles)
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The Allegheny Mountains Loop offers a wide variety of riding types from pavement to gravel, from gentle grades along river valleys to steep, muscle burning climbs and fast descents over ridges, and from busy U.S. highways to lightly trafficked county roads and rail trails where no cars are allowed. Besides the main route there are 4 options which give the cyclist choices in the mileage they choose to ride. The route begins and ends in Blacksburg, VA, and crosses back and forth between Virginia and West Virginia several times. Highlights along the route include the Humpback Covered Bridge, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, and excursion train rides from the town of Durbin.

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Many route options


Reviewed By: A customer from Asheville, NC on 10/13/11

Good route, informative map. The Allegheny Mountains Loop has four different optional routes or cut-offs, so you can customize your tour easily, and decrease the mileage quite a bit if you so desire. Be sure you have some low gears. Since this is a downloadable map, I recommend printing it on a laser jet printer, not an ink-jet printer. The cheaper ink-jet printer uses water-soluble ink, and the ink will nearly wash off the paper with the slightest drip of water onto it. A laser-jet printer produces a non-water-soluble ink. The paper can still get saturated, but the ink will not run. ACA, it would be great if you could move the elevation profiles to the individual map panes like you did on the Sierra Cascades map. I realize that is a big change, but it is sure helpful.

Adirondack Park Loop Map


Reviewed By: A customer from on 9/7/11

The Adirondack Park Loop Map was not detailed enough to be used as a cycling map. The map needed more detail showing more of the surrounding roads to ensure the cyclist that they are still on route. While riding the ADK loop and referencing the maps we strayed from the route many times. Very frustrating.

A great way to explore the northeast


Reviewed By: A customer from State College, PA USA on 9/6/11

I did this loop clockwise and linked it with the green mountains loop for a wonderful two-week vacation. As usual, the maps provided excellent guidance and good advice for stops. The route isn't "epic" like the mountains out West are, but the hills and marshes and lakes are definitely worth your time. Save time for swimming if the weather's right!

Searching for America? it's right here


Reviewed By: Jon L on 6/6/11

This is a delightful route that takes you thru the rural backroads of VA & WV. The route takes you on little traveled paved and gravel roads that twist and climb over and around the mountains and valleys (touring bikes with 32's were fine on the gravel sections, although we didn't do the W. Fork Trl). Cars are minimal (except on two short sections of busier roads), sometimes only one or two cars (or tractors) would pass us each hour. Some days you'll be climbing for miles, then rewarded with descents that appear to go on forever. Other days, you'll meander along rolling gravel roads with minimal signs of development. The farm land is beautiful, with cows, horses, buffalo, llama and sheep eager to say hello. Most roads were pretty well shaded and never strayed too far from streams and rivers, so doing the route in hot weather is okay. Some towns only had a few shops, others had a few blocks of shops - towns were spaced just about right to refuel/rehydrate. A few interesting sites to see on the trip are the National Radio Telescopes Observatory, The Greenbrier Hotel and the old steam engines in Cass. If your looking for a week long get away, this ride won't disappoint.

Adirondack Park Loop-You Print


Reviewed By: Anne Anderson on 4/12/10

Being able to get a map immediately while I am dreaming about a trip is wonderful.

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