Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Accessory Mount Adaptor F1451

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Multifunctional two part mounting support for light, electronics, and other accesories. They can be fixed individually or in pairs with the Ultimate 6 mounting system. They are height adjustable and alignment can be adjusted up or down to create additional space on the bar. 25.4 cm clamping area (same as stem area on a traditional flat bar).

This product MUST be used in conjuction with the Ultimate 6 mounting system, included with all Ultimate 6 handlebar bags. Mount is NOT INCLUDED when ordering this item.

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Accessory Mount


Reviewed By: Jack Botts on 12/21/19

I installed the 2 accessory mounts in just a few minutes. They work well for getting my headlight above my Ortleib handlebar bag. I would add 2 caveats. The device, when adjusted high enough for the headlight to clear the bag, vibrates a bit while riding; this may bother some cyclists. Also, I'm not sure why,the horizontal mounting bar was not made longer so that more devices could be added. These 2 are the reasons for the loss of 1 star in my rating.

Works great


Reviewed By: Brian on 4/28/18

I had this out of the bag an installed on my bike in 10 minutes. Not sure what other reviews are referring to as a problematic install. Not judging, because either the problem has been fixed by Ortlieb (if there was one), or folks should leaving wrenching to a trained professional. In any event, I’m happy with the purchase. Product does what it’s designed to do.

Ortlieb Accessory mount


Reviewed By: Carol Maher on 4/19/17

Very handy to have, will get your headlight or other accessories above you Ortlieb handlebar bag, does what it's suppose to do !

Posts don't fit


Reviewed By: Mark Rieb on 5/22/16

The posts for the elevated holders do not fit into the holder itself without significant modification involving sanding down the sides which I am afraid will make it much weaker and may cause it to break. I have not taken it on the road yet so we will see how it works in real life.

Works well, but needed som McGyver-ing


Reviewed By: Ron B on 3/1/16

I bought this adapter (along with the 6 series mount it needs) so had somewhere convenient to mount my headlight. I got it to work, and that keeps my light in good location and easy to reach, BUT, I had to modify it to work. And that's why the 3 rating. The issue is, I have a stem for my handlebar that has 4 bolts that mount it from the front. Those bolts would interfere with the mounting of this adapter. You could never get the adapter to screw in due to that interference. I had to file down the adapter and the nut mount for it to get it to fit. My setup is nothing odd, so it just seems they should have provided another millimeter or two of clearance since some bikes are going to have a hard time getting the adapter to clear the stem mounts. Otherwise it works well.

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