Great Divide + Canada Map Set

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Banff, AB - Antelope Wells, NM (2,768 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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The world's longest mountain bike route, this route traces the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico on dirt and gravel roads, some pavement and some singletrack. 

For more information on this route or to print out the most up to date addenda for these maps please click on these links: Great Divide, Great Divide Canada


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Reviewed By: Dan on 3/8/16

Shipping suggested 2 months but these turned up in 8 days! The map set is made from a quality material that feels great in the hand and is apparently water resistant. It feels like it will be hard to rip or tear accidentally as it has a slightly waxing feel. When all maps are held together in the folded state they are about 1.5cm thick. So carrying them all at once will be as easy as carrying any paper book, but only 200g or so. The colour tones are aesthetically pleasing and print quality is top notch. All the details are clear but you will need to wear your glasses to read the smaller sections if you have eyesight problems.The maps are two sided and each side provides a clear route, many camping sites (both maintained and wild), gradient maps broken down in roughly 50mile segments, local information, handy tips, seasonal weather averages, turn by turn direction, alternate routes and more. Im impressed at the amount of information they can fit onto each page without it feeling too cramped. Fully unfolded they measure 86x56cm (34x22 inches) It will be a few months until i get out on the Great Divide trail but these maps im sure will stand up to the test. Only downside is they are double sided which means you cannot layout the entire trip in maps on the floor! Not really a downside. Highly recommended.

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