Sky Mounti Inclinometer

Sky Mounti

Use the Sky Mounti Inclinometer to read the percent of a hill's grade as you climb and descend down the other side. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the screws. Doing this can weaken or break the under-bracket.

WARNING: If you're descending a steep hill, don't take your attention away from the road to read the bubble (especially if you're going really fast). Better to stop and read the bubble if you really want to know the percent grade.


Handlebar Diameter: 26.0mm to 31.8mm

Weight: 26g

Length: 64mm

Width: 15mm

Height: 48mm

Meter scale:-15%  to + 27%.

Color: Black


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A reliable product


Reviewed By: Salvo Colosimo Naples Italy on 3/18/2016 on 3/18/16

Light, precise and easy to fit.

fun but not a vital tool


Reviewed By: Jeremy Parker London UK on 3/20/14

I'm glad I got the inclinometer, but it has it limits. The bubble in the spirit level can't tell the difference between acceleration and gravity - and your speed tends to be variable on hills - so the supposed gradient tends to bounce around a bit. Also, if you are paranoid about overtightening the mount, as the instructions advise, the inclinometer might slip and not stay horizontal. Carry another little spirit level, for example the Stanley Line Level, to check this. Mind you, the competition, GPS, has its limits too, thanks to the jitter between GPS readings. GPS is ok for the average gradient up a long pass, but not for the slope at any one place. As a result, you really have to come to a stop to get a good reading. Also the mount will not fit round a very fat handlebar *store note: we now carry a 31.8 version for oversize handlebars*

simple and accurate


Reviewed By: A customer from Saint Pete Beach Florida on 10/31/12

We got the first of these Inclinometers about 15 years ago from a friend of a friend in Germany. We assumed that it was accurate and it always gave the same reading within one percent. The only reason we bought a new one was for a second bike but the  percent markings do fade and become hard to read after a few years, also two of  the mounting screw holes stripped out . I replaced the screws with brass threads and knurled nuts.

Sometimes a little too much info


Reviewed By: A customer from Pleasant Hill Ca on 11/4/10

I have enjoyed using my inclinometer, although in a recent trip through the Sierra Nevada's in California, towards the end of an 8 hour day, which was spent climbing 8-10 degree grades all day, I thought if I had another reading of 10 degrees I would go crazy. The inclinometer worked well, was easy to install and easy to read. I think it is expensive considering that it is basically a line level. This is a splurge type purchase.

Excellent Inclinometer


Reviewed By: George Simmons on 10/27/10

How nice to have something so accurate without wires, batteries, or a computer to depend on. This little gadget simply works. I've always wondered about the %grade of some of the hills I climb, and now I know. I wish everything else was this simple. Excellent product, durable, and reasonably priced.

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