RavX Combo X Pocket Lock

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This portable pocket combination lock is perfect for those, “oops I didn’t realize I’d need a lock” moments. Features 1,000 combinations that are resettable, the cable extends to 29” / 0.7366 m and retracts for easy portability.

Cable diameter .06”

Dimensions stored 2.1” x 3.1”

Weight 1.7oz


Average rating: based on 8 reviews.

Good light duty lock


Reviewed By: Charlie Johnson on 5/3/12

This lock performs as advertised. It is compact so you can slip it in your jersey pocket or in your tool bag. It certainly gives you more security than clipping your helmet straps between the frame and wheel!! The cable is a bit shorter than I would like but more cable would require a bigger package so it is a compromise that I can live with.

Very light bike cable-lock


Reviewed By: A customer from Seattle, WA on 7/11/12

I agree with Charlie (above). This is a small, very light lock. It is good for a quick visit into a grocery store or an ice cream shop, but not robust enough for the streets of a big city. That said, the lock is similar to one I used for a month of touring in small towns.



Reviewed By: A customer from Carbondale, CO. on 7/14/12

Fits in a bike shirt pocket and you don't even know it's there. Very portable and easy to use. First lock I've seen that makes sense.

It is what I expected


Reviewed By: Martin Nally on 8/1/12

This is a very lightweight lock that clearly would not stop a thief armed with tools. I bought it based on my belief that any lock will help prevent casual, opportunistic theft, but only a very heavy lock will slow or stop a well-equipped thief. Since I don't want to carry a very heavy lock, the logical choice is something very light and simple, and this convenient lock fits my needs.



Reviewed By: A customer from Boston, MA on 10/31/12

I like the lock because it is so light. The wire protecting your bike is light caliber and easily cut by a determined thief. However, it will protect your bike from the opportunist thief. It will prevent some one from walking away with your bike.

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