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Made from a tough, four-ply, wind/waterproof fabric (Thermo-Lite®) with a napped inner surface , this bivvy will hold up to abuse while providing a soft feel. Themo-Lite's vaporized aluminum layer is non-conductive and reflects up to 80% of your body heat. The bivvy is tapered from the foot to the head to reduce weight and improve efficiency of heat retention. The Thermo-Lite Bivy is reusable and comes in a lightweight nylon stuff sack. It is hand washable and repairs easily.

Dimensions: 84" length, 36" head width, 27" foot width.

Dimensions in stuff sack: 4 x 7 in (10.2 x 17.8 cm)

Bivvy weight: 6.65 oz (188.5 g)

Stuff sack weight: 0.3 oz (8.5 g)


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Bivvy Sack review


Reviewed By: SC from NM on 6/6/11

I tried the bivvy sack on a mild spring night in a high desert location (New Mexico). It did not gather moisture, my main advance concern. I was inside a tent in an arid location. Neither the inside nor the tent ground cloth had no condensation in the morning. The inside of the bivvy sack has a nice soft fiber lining and I left it open, but my legs inside the bottom. I found it to be noisy as I moved. I'm a light sleeper, maybe this wouldn't bother others. It was also very long for my height, 5'3". Lots of extra room.

Sweat Sack


Reviewed By: David Desportes on 9/12/10

Not very useful. With no breath-ability, it was too hot on summer nights (temps as low as 60F). It is also quite noisy as one shifts position through the night. The zipper only goes about half way down the side which further restricts the options to introduce outside air. Unfortunately, I still need a lightweight sleeping bag. This did not do the trick.

Bob G


Reviewed By: A customer from Byron Il USA on 8/4/09

I was a little skeptical on ordering it as I had one that would fold up in your pocket and it wasn't warm or easy to use. I liked this one it is small and light and you can stay in it with the velcro tabs. I haven't been in real cold weather yet but it is good down to 50 degress.

Adevnture MEd Kit Thermo-lite 2 Bivvy Sack


Reviewed By: A customer from Arlington, VA on 7/2/09

Have not tried it yet, BUT, on the label, it says it is water proof and that you need to open it up to let out body moisture. It does not mention ANYTHING about being a replacement for a normal sleeping bag in warmer weather as your description does, only that it is a survival sack. I am reluctant to try it for fear of sweating to death.

Don't know yet


Reviewed By: Peggy Moore on 7/1/09

I've decided to save it for emergency use rather than as my summer sleeping bag.

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