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The UltraLite Bike Mirror offers versatility, light weight durability, and provides an amazingly wide field of view. It can be mounted almost anywhere you need it, on handlebars of all types as well as forks and challenging applications like recumbents. Designed for touring and commuting. Weight: 2oz



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Great Mirror


Reviewed By: Steven Friedman on 11/20/20

I have 3 of these. They are inexpensive and easy to install. They work great and make me feel safer.

Better than "good enough"


Reviewed By: R. Ikert on 6/9/20

This is a stable, easy to mount mirror that shows enough of the rider's rear/near environment to allow confident decision making without needing to look over your shoulder too. Yes, it does fall under the "objects are closer than they appear" category. Having used such side mirrors for many years (I also drive a car!) though, this is a very minor issue for me, and I suspect for most. Definitely recommend

Great Mirror


Reviewed By: Steven Friedman on 3/11/20

I have been looking for a mirror that works while biking and this is the first one I've found that is easy to use and actually effective. I highly recommend this very affordable mirror.

Images too small.


Reviewed By: Preston on 9/7/18

I'm replacing this mirror with a B&M mirror after several years on my recumbent. The view angle is larger than needed. The very concave mirror makes the images too small to easily see traffic at a distance. I wish it were a little flatter. It's largish size means I'm always bumping it when leaning the bike against a wall. The mirror quality is excellent and it mounts easily on the bike.

Limited viewing distance


Reviewed By: Richard Davies on 12/17/17

Agree with Pat O'Brien (on 8/15/16) about the viewing distance. I have been using the Take-A-Look mirror for several years but was looking for a mirror that mounted on my bike . While mounting was easy and provides a stable image you just can't see very far behind. If the car approaching you has it's lights on it helps to see it but just trying to see a vehicle is difficult. Not sure if I will go back to my original Take-A-Look mirror at this time or stay with the Ultra Light mirror.

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