Sky Mounti Inclinometer

Sky Mounti

Use the Sky Mounti Inclinometer to read the percent of a hill's grade as you climb and descend down the other side. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the screws. Doing this can weaken or break the under-bracket.

WARNING: If you're descending a steep hill, don't take your attention away from the road to read the bubble (especially if you're going really fast). Better to stop and read the bubble if you really want to know the percent grade.


Handlebar Diameter: 26.0mm to 31.8mm

Weight: 26g

Length: 64mm

Width: 15mm

Height: 48mm

Meter scale:-15%  to + 27%.

Color: Black


Average rating: based on 11 reviews.

An inexpensive but useful item


Reviewed By: Larry Mastin on 8/8/09

I do a lot of hill climbing and knowing the steepness of hills is an important aspect of gauging the difficult of a climb. Other than the laborious task of measuring distances and elevations on a topo map, there aren't a lot of easy ways to do this. The Sky-Mounti inclinometer is the least expensive and easiest method I've found. Its main limitation is that judging steepness to within one percent is sometimes difficult, since the tick marks on the level are very close together and the bubble shifts slightly with minor accelerations and decelerations. But plus or minus a percent or so, it works great. Alternatively, I've found a good cyclometer/altimeter, the VDO MC 1.0+, that gives percent grade as a readout and seems to work very well. But it costs >$100.

Those hills were sooooo steep!


Reviewed By: A customer from Arlington, VA on 9/8/09

This is a great device for letting you know how steep that hill was. A couple of concerns...there are no real instructions for installing, it seems simple but its important to have the bike perfectly level when installing (and after moving the bike on your car rack etc.). It also seems quite pricey for such a simple is really just a level. I like having it but feel a bit ripped off by the pricing.

Sky-Mounti Inclinometger


Reviewed By: A customer from Bowie, MD on 6/1/10

I recently used it on 500 mile bike tour in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In short, I found it accurate though somewhat hard to use. The bike had to be exactly parallel to the incline with absloutely no lateral handle bar movement, somewhat difficult on a heavily loaded touring bike in a very low gear on a steep incline. Otherwise the bubble would bounce. The viscosity required to keep the bubble from bouncing also made it slow to react, sometimes still showing a decline after reaching the bottom and starting back up a mountain. Still, I found it interesting and useful in managing my pace in the mountains.

Sky-Mount Inclinometer needs upgrading


Reviewed By: Sandy Kobrock on 8/23/10

It only fits on narrow diameter handlebars! :( Many handlebars are of a wider diameter and the inclinometer won't fit at all!! I almost sent it back, but found one of my bikes with a handlebar it will fit. Unfortunately I bought it for my husband, and it doesn't fit on any of his bikes. Thanks for asking!!!

Nice, but with design problems


Reviewed By: A customer from Puyallup, WA on 9/9/10

It is always nice to know your incline when climbing or descending. The Garmin Edge provides incline measurements, though is slow to respond and averages measurements over time, so I thought I'd try this device. This device has several problems, including... 1. It barely fit my handlebars and I was limited on the bar where I could position the altimeter 2. Accuracy depends on the handlebars being exactly straight and perpendicular to the slope. 3. The bubble in my unit only filled 3/4 of the central area between "0" and "0". Thus, it was always at least 2 degrees off in either ascending or descending when I would set the bubble in the middle. 4. When installing the inclinometer, "calibrating" to zero is a problem, since the bicycle needs to be setting on a perfectly zero incline surface with the handlebars straight ahead, and the screws need to be tightened down slowly, which slightly moves the orientation of the device on the bars. It would be better if the company installed a calibration screw to fine adjust calibration once the unit is installed.

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