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Efficient Velo Tools’ Safe Zone mirror is over 2 inches in diameter with a 4.5-inch arm. This results in an excellent rear view and hardly any of the neck craning. Equally impressive is how easy the Safe Zone attaches: simply zip tie the mounting bracket to a helmet rib and you’re good to go. The mirror’s cool ball-and-socket arm design lets you easily position the mirror for the best view. Shorten it by snapping it apart and together; remove the mirror from your helmet the same way.

100% Made in USA, all parts sourced within 30 miles of design and assembly facility

Easily installed (and reinstalled on other helmets) with a simple, versatile zip tie mounting system
Unusually robust construction (a hallmark of all things EVT)

Adjustable, stable, stay-put huge 2.25" mirror
Sleek, injection-molded components

Incredible 5 year "no-fault" warranty


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Worth every dime


Reviewed By: Ron Hart on 7/2/13

Riding without a mirror is like using a cell phone while driving---really dumb! Modern helmets are mostly interconnected vent holes so sticky stuff does not hold very well and always falls off 400 miles from home. Mirrors hooked to handle bars require taking your eyes off the road---not good. I started using the EVT mirror you put into your store this spring 3 years ago, having discovered it on it while on a tour here in Wyoming. Best mirror this old man has ever used. Big field of view and rock solid while offering near infinite adjustment. Worth every dime!

Love this mirror!


Reviewed By: Patrice Hallman on 9/17/13

Been using it for 4 years now. The mirror may have been my best bike investment ever!

Best mirror in 50 years of looking


Reviewed By: Alfred Mascy on 3/15/14

I have used mirrors on my helmet or eyeglasses or handlebars for over 50 years and this EVT Safe Zone mirror provides the largest field of view, the firmest fit on a helmet and the easiest to adjust. I recommend this mirror.

Best mirror in 30 years looking


Reviewed By: Yves Fortin on 8/15/14

Tried just about every mirror on the market finally; found the best one. Wife also thinks the same!

Best helmet mirror I've ever used


Reviewed By: J on 9/15/14

Best helmet mirror I've ever used. The 2-1/4” mirror definitely provides a “Safe Zone”, allowing a cyclist to anticipate, for example, a truck, Hummer, or other behemoth about to pass too close. True, it looks a bit nerdy protruding about 3-1/2 inches from the helmet. And better not to hug or kiss anyone with the helmet on – but great for guarding personal space! :-) Bonus: it's very easy to remove and remount, for example, for cycling on the left in the UK or Down Under. Just carry a few extra zip-ties. (Pre-1992 I'd used a tiny Chuck Harris eyeglass-mounted mirror, but it it wasn't very practical when I switched to wire-framed glasses. Ever since I'd been using a variety of helmet mirrors with usually unsatisfactory results … lots of neck-craning & readjusting.)

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