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The simple ball and socket joint on Roadie allows you to install it on the left side or, the right side of the handlebars. It takes just seconds to install -- just remove the existing road bar end plugs, insert the internal rubber socket and then simply pop the mirror into the socket. High quality lightweight polycarbonate convex mirror - SOLD AS SINGLE MIRROR. black.


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Nice to see what's behind me!


Reviewed By: Robert Wimer on 4/12/10

Very nice looking and easy to install. Effective viewing although not perfectly clear as mirror is essentially made of non-breakable plastic. Small concern that mirror will inadvertently adjust (move around)due to bumps on road. So far so good except for one time after hitting major bump on road.

Follow-up to prior review


Reviewed By: Robert Wimer on 6/10/10

Following up to the prior review written, I have now had a chance to put some miles in. This bar end mirror is quite helpful and I really like its location on the bike. My initial concern was that it might not hold its adjusted position while on the road due to bumps, however it has done quite well. Rarely, does a bump cause it to lose its setting.

Roadie Road Bike Bar End Mirror


Reviewed By: A customer from Grapevvine Texas USA on 10/6/10

The bar-end mirror works good, it is the only mirror that I have found that well work on a road bike.

Bar end mirror


Reviewed By: A customer from Minneapolis Minnesota USA on 6/5/11

I'm a big believer in mirrors so bought a Roadie from the local bike shop for my new bike. It was not in the original packaging so I got it at a discount. The mirror didn't hold position. I returned it for one in the original packaging and the hold power was greatly improved with only a few adjustments on yesterday's century. On this site I see that I can modify the tension by adding a bit of rubber band into the socket. I expect that will take care of the remaining issues. I'm surprised I don't see more of these... They work well...

not as clear as other mirrors i have used


Reviewed By: A customer from Washington, DC on 10/4/11

i am finding due to my age i have concluded that a mirror that clips to my glasses works better than the bar end mirror which is harder to see clearly. i am sure it works better for those that have "'younger" eyes.

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