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No more numb fingers and cold hands in the snow, sleet, wind and rain. Bar Mitts make a great alternative to your bulky winter gloves -- they attach to the handlebars, allowing you to brake and shift comfortably in extreme weather conditions without giving up dexterity. They're made of 5.5mm thick Neoprene and feature a laminated nylon surface on each side for totally waterproof protection and incredible insulation. When paired with a lightweight glove underneath, Bar Mitts are ideal for training and commuting in coldest winter conditions. They're easy to install/remove and detailed instructions are also included with each set. Color: Black.

BT-2433 (Medium) for Shimano with shift cables exiting hood near lever

BT-2434 (Large) for Shimano with shift cables exiting hood near lever

BT-2435 (Medium) for Shimano/Campy/SRAM with shift cables under bar tape

BT-2436 (Large) for Shimano/Campy/SRAM with shift cables under bar tape

BT-2437 for Mountain bike/flat commuter bars- one size

How do you determine size: Sizing the Bar Mitts is based more on girth rather than hand size. The difference from medium to large is about 1" around the opening where you slide your hands in and out. If you're tall but thin, I would lean towards a medium. If you are thick and husky, I would suggest a large.




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Much Better Than Any Gloves Alone


Reviewed By: William Turner on 4/3/20

Alan at, Bath Bike and Ski, in Maine advised me to give up on gloves. Best advice I have ever taken, I now have Bar Mitts on both my fat tire and cross bike set up for road riding. They are a vast improvement over anything I have ever tried. I have not attempted to ride below 25 deg, so I do not know just how good, Riding from 25 F up to even 50 F on the road bike, they are wonderful. I found I needed the large size for both. I take a size xxl bike glove. I have only used summer weight full fingered gloves down to 25 deg.

These are waaaay overated


Reviewed By: A customer from South Bend, Indiana, USA on 10/24/12

They are NOT good down to the coldest winter conditions...only to about 25 degrees F with a medium weight glove. A 'heavy weight' ski mitten will not fit inside, so below 25, you need electrically heated gloves under the Bar Mitt. This has been my experience in my 45 minute (one way) commutes since 2011. I think they add about 5 - 10 degrees F to my temperature threshold. Do I recommend themω Absolutely: an excellent investment if you want to ride in the cold. Hands and feet are the hardest thing to keep warm.

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