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If you want to carry your bags lower to the ground and you don't need the convenience of a top plate, then the Ultimate LowRider or AC LowRider is for you. The AC LowRider is specifically designed for forks with rack eyelets. An affordable, durable and basic front lowrider...with a twist. Designed by request of Adventure Cycling Association, the mid-eyelet crossbar can move up and down so the rack will always mount up perfectly flat - excellent for touring cyclists!

**Note: The current model will not work with disc brakes. This rack is being redesigned to accommodate disc brakes, look for the new design in 2018!**


Load Capacity: 30 lbs Weight: 450g / 1 lb

Material: Powder-coated black


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Front rack


Reviewed By: Sam Fox on 6/15/17

Guess I'm a bozo because I couldn't figure out how to mount it. Had to take it to my bike shop for help. Other than that, it's light and holds up well. On my second week of the Trans Am, everything's good.

Very clever design, works great


Reviewed By: P.S. on 9/29/16

The mounting bar slides upand down a bit so u can mount it level, whereas some other racks may not sit parallel to the ground depending on your fork/eyelet placements. It is also very strong and light and works well with standard bungee and hook mounted panniers.

Great front rack!


Reviewed By: Steve Coyle on 2/7/11

I used the rack recently on a S24O. Installation wasn't difficult after I figured out how to mount the rack on my Novara Randonee. The rack is very sturdy and worked great with my Arkel panniers. Mounting of the panniers on the rack was a cinch. Balance was still great, even with fully loaded panniers on the LowRider rack. I'm looking forward to many more adventures with the rack.

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