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You've got to carry your water somewhere. So why not in our precision-fit, wide mouth, full two-thread screw cap, 24 oz water bottle, complete with the Adventure Cycling 40th anniversary logo. This bottle features a wide ice cube-size mouth and leak-proof soft rubber spout (size may vary).

BPA Free

FDA/CE approved food grade bottle

Tasteless & odorless

Fits in standard bike cage

Bottle Measurement: 8 3/4" h (to top of spout) x 2.5" w

Weight: 2.5 oz



Average rating: based on 6 reviews.

Great Bottle


Reviewed By: Rick Putnam on 10/18/19

It seems you can't carry enough water on some rides. But I carry three of these babies on my frame. Along with the two insulated ones in my panniers, I can go just about anywhere. They do not impart any taste or odor, and they clean up easily with baking soda. And the price is right.



Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I have used three of these bottles nearly everyday for my entire Trans Am trip of 4,230 miles PLUS MORE and they are still working great! I am so satisfied with the quality. Everyday, everyday, everyday in all types of weather: snow, rain, sleet, cold, hot, muddy, sunny. No problem. PLEASE consider making another one WITHOUT the 40th Year Anniversary print. Maybe a "TRANS AM" print on it?

Just Fine


Reviewed By: Mitch Metzger on 5/4/19

Compared to the bottles I have been using from another Asian country, your bottles are "are a breath of fresh air." They're ate thick and sturdy and should last me the whole yesterday. I'll see....

Great bottle


Reviewed By: Ron Spohn on 10/20/18

I'm and olde tymer and have been a serious cyclist since I went cross country with the inaugural Bikecentennial in 1976. I mention this only because I've seen and used a lot of water bottles in the 42 years since then. In fact I was a holdout who, until a few years ago, still used the old style flip top bottle because they came with a bottle cap leash. What a concept. However I've still used many of the screw cap bottles and these are by far the best. The cap crews on tight and the liquid spout is just the right size and also seals well too. These are now my favorite numero uno bottle. No funny taste, easy to add powders and they clean as well as possible. Five stars.

Love this bottle


Reviewed By: Tbird on 1/4/17

Heavy duty, tight mouthpiece so no leaks, and it looks good too.

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