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The simple ball and socket joint on Roadie allows you to install it on the left side or, the right side of the handlebars. It takes just seconds to install -- just remove the existing road bar end plugs, insert the internal rubber socket and then simply pop the mirror into the socket. High quality lightweight polycarbonate convex mirror - SOLD AS SINGLE MIRROR. black.



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Reviewed By: Fillmore Wood on 1/3/19

I use these on both sides of my drop bars plus a wrist mounted mirror on my left wrist for maximum safety. The right mirror in particular alerts me to traffic merging from highway off-ramps and other potentially fatal right-side merges. I've now been using for about 7 years.



Reviewed By: Phil Eager on 8/9/17

Disappointed with item. Used it only once. Not very effective. Regret the purchase.

Very practical


Reviewed By: Fillmore Wood on 5/16/17

Yes the mirrors do move around from road vibrations, but are easily reset, and they do allow you to position them for different riding positions. One on each side allows for seeing behind on both sides. I've used for 5 years and like better than any helmet mounted mirror I've ever tried.

Bar end mirror


Reviewed By: Ron on 7/14/16

Very nice addition since I'm older now having the extra view is nice. Mirror does seem to move more then I would like but its ok you tend to get a light touch for adjusting it. The view is ok nothing great but a nice addition.



Reviewed By: A customer on 6/27/16

This mirror has a weird curve to it, which makes visibility of cars only possible until they are right behind you. Very unclear. Plus it hits you knee and requires adjustment when you stand up or stop.

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