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Passing cars swing wider and give you more room when you use the Safety Wing. This EU-approved safety device is a folding reflector arm that extends 12" from the bike. When not needed, it easily folds back and out of the way.
The Safety Wing is typically mounted at the end of the chain stay on the left side of the bicycle, but the universal mounting bracket lets you mount anywhere you can fit it. For example, the seat stay and rack are popular mounting positions.  All fitting hardware is supplied with the Safety Wing and the product is easily installed in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver.


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works also as a upright Rating:

Reviewed By: BroDace on 4/19/15

on my Kent Monterey 3 wheel adult trike I mounted it upright on my basket and then when I need it just flip down

Illegal in some areas Rating:

Reviewed By: Matthew on 5/25/14

Here in my town, some commuters had been making similar homemade versions of this product. Local police started issuing warning citations for "equipment extending beyond length of the handlebar". Haven't seen them since. I'd check with your local jurisdiction before buying/installing this product.

Peace of Mind Rating:

Reviewed By: Tom on 4/30/14

This thing works! Cars give you more room when passing. Great for roads with narrow shoulders.

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