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Adventure Cycling Association
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This high-performance hat features woven Eventure Fabric on top for wicking and knit Coolmax sides. You’ll be able to beat the heat with this visor and neck cover, and when the weather turns tuck the drape up for a 2-in1 combo.


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Kept flying insects out of ears.


Reviewed By: James Reynolds on 7/15/16

I got this hat to protect the back of my neck on my Summer 2016 Underground Rail Road Route tour. What I didn't expect was how useful it was at keeping flying insects out of my ears.

ACA Protech Cap


Reviewed By: Mike from Chula Vista, CA on 3/31/16

Why did I wait so long? Works great on sunny days, which we have many here in San Diego.

Great Hat


Reviewed By: RobG on 3/28/16

My all time favorite sun hat. Just bought a new one, they wash well but do eventually wear out. They fit well under a bike helmet. They wick moisture and keep your head as cool as any hat I've ever had.

Great hat for biking & running


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 8/22/12

Love this hat! I don't care if I look like a dork - it's great for protecting my ears and neck from the Arizona sun while I bike (and even better for running, since it flaps in the wind and keeps even cooler).

prevents sunburn


Reviewed By: bikeZgirl on 6/4/12

I wear this for every mountain bike race and road tour. It keeps the sun off my ears and neck, keeps my head cooler than wearing a bandanna, and keeps the sweat out of my eyes and off my sunglasses. I now wear a bandanna post race for helmet hair. I'm ordering another one so I always have a clean one on hand.

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