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A favorite of Tours Director, Arlen Hall, Tiger Eye mirrors have been handmade in America for over a decade. They are constructed from high grade glass optics and a stainless steel bicycle spoke


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attractive but insufficient adjustment Rating:

Reviewed By: Edward Reid on 7/8/14

This mirror is very attractive, but will not work with a helmet visor. The attachment is high on the edge of the helmet and is intended to grip the lower edge of the foam -- which it does well as long as it can be placed that high. In addition, there is no up/down angular adjustment of the mirror at the end of the wire, so the entire unit must be tipped to adjust the angle, which compromises the grip. So the fit is far from universal, and this is not explained in the description. I give it a point for being attractive but take away the rest of the points for the lack of adjustment and inadequate description. (Who cares if the tour director likes it if it doesn't fit my helmet?)

Works great once adjusted right Rating:

Reviewed By: Kenneth Feucht on 11/28/14

After going through a dozen different types of mirror systems, all of which I hated, I decided to try this, based on Arlen Hall's recommendation. I was at first a touch skeptical, worried that it didn't fit solid to the helmet and moved around a bit. In actual use, that movement really didn't affect anything, and when I tried securing the mirror more rigidly with zip ties, it actually made matters worse. The mirror support system can be bent and adjusted to the best possible position for riding. Once set, it works reliably and is quite stable on the helmet. The rear view is more than sufficient for riding needs. I have since also purchased and use an EVT Safe Zone mirror for another helmet, which also is quite excellent, though a little more expensive. Mirrors tend to be highly personal items, and what works for one person often doesn't work for another. In this case, Arlen hit it right on with me.

Not a Solution Rating:

Reviewed By: Mike Jamison on 5/10/15

I so wanted this to work, but I could not find an angle or a sweet spot that enabled me to use this in anything resembling an effective manner. I'm sure Tiger Eye earnestly wants to have this product work for folks, but maybe all helmet mounted mirror systems are doomed. At least my money benefited ACA to some small extent. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

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