Problem Solvers Decksters Clipless Pedal Adaptor

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Sometimes socks-and-sandals don’t seem so wrong. Decksters clip in to your two-bolt style clipless pedal and BLAMMO: a flip-flop pedal so you can wear your flip-flops. Compatible with two-bolt style cleats (not included).  Designed for Shimano, Crank Brothers, Wellgo, Ritchey and Time pedals. Includes 85 x 95 x 10mm platform and mounting hardware, 3.5oz.

Includes one pair (enough for one bicycle)

Installation instructions

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Casual Riding Switchover Platforms


Reviewed By: Bill Bacon on 1/17/16

Easy to install. Useful for those casual "around the lake" summertime rides where you don't want to be cleated on to your pedals. They pop off quite easily, too. I suppose a purist roadie wouldn't be caught dead using these, but I'm not in that category.

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