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Da Brim


Da Brim™ is an aftermarket brim for your bike helmet; it offers the functionality of wearing a cowboy hat or sombrero with the protection of a helmet.  Da Brim features:

•Adjustable front visor angle and rear brim height to accommodate different riding styles, user preferences, and helmet designs

•Rear brim height adjustment also allows for effective use with backpacks and hydration packs

•One size fits most

•*International customers* - shipping for this item is $33 due to its unusual dimensions 

3½" front brim contours to 4½" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection

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Flying nun apparel Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Maryland on 12/25/06

This is fine as long as you're going slow in no wind. Otherwise is blows all over the place. It acts like a wind break taking considerable speed off your top end, too. And don't get one for a child.

The Da Brim of Awesomeness Rating:

Reviewed By: Colleen Welch on 3/23/12

I purchased the Da Brim before going on a 5 week bike tour of New Zealand. I used it almost everyday of those 5 weeks. I found it to be excellant at keeping the sun off my face, ears and back of my neck. My face never got sunburned while riding in the harsh sun of New Zealand. Also, it kept me much cooler not having the sun on the back of my neck. It's rated up to 25 mph, but I frequently went much faster yet, the Da Brim stayed securely attached to my helmet. It also did a great job at keeping the rain off my glasses. Yes, it goes on and off the helmet very easily and quickly, but you won't want to take it off. I would highly recommend the Da Brim for cycling in most any weather!

Da Brim Rating:

Reviewed By: David Padgett on 6/6/12

I bought Da Brim in hopes of getting good sun protection for my face and neck. The product is very well-made and has a very good design to securely attach to a wide variety of helmets. It also provides excellent sun protection. However, for road riding it has too much wind susceptibility. To keep it from pulling my helmet off on downhills and in gusty side winds I had to tighten the helmet so much that it was painful to wear. I think this would be fine for mountain biking and the associated lower speeds, but I found it unsuitable for road riding. I would like to see another version designed for road riding.

Da Brim is perfect for 'bent riders Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Phoenix, AZ on 6/16/12

My wife and I have been using “Da Brims” for a couple of months now and absolutely swear by them. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and ride a lot of miles on our recumbent bicycles, so sun protection is a must and there just isn’t anything else out there that will protect head, neck and ears and still let you wear that all-important bike helmet without inhibiting the airflow designed into it. With the first ride, I knew that they were exactly what we had been looking for. But we had the same issue as David with wind resistance pushing our helmets around at moderate road speeds. It seemed that, because we recumbent riders sit/ride in a “heads-up’ position, the wonderfully large front brim of Da Brim would ”catch air” and lift my helmet up with a surprising amount of force. So I contacted Teresa (the owner & designer) and she immediately got to work on a solution. It turned out to be a simple, lightweight, easily attached, removable stiffener for the front brim strap that completely solves the problem. Now, even at speeds over 35 mph, Da Brim and helmet are stable and can be worn with a comfortably fitted chinstrap. We strongly recommend Da Brim for any cyclist, but we especially recommend it for recumbent riders. With the addition of the stiffener, we can even shape the front brim down far enough to keep the sun and wind out of our eyes without having to tip our helmets down, even on those evenings when riding home into the sun. And the customer support is absolutely unbelievable. Where else can you talk directly to the owner/designer about an issue and have a prototype developed and in your hand within a week.

Da Brim Bike Helmet Visor Rating:

Reviewed By: Larry A. Unruh on 7/9/12

Da Brim hit the spot for me during these past several weeks of drought and high heat in Chicago. Having most of your shoulder area shaded makes a big difference. I received many positive comments and inquiries. A quicker, more efficient way to add and remove Da Brim to the helmet would be helpful.

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