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Donkey Boxx
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Used on our Erie Canal Family tour, Donkey Boxx is a high utility low cost bicycle pannier that easily attaches to your bike's rack for everyday cycling errands. The lightweight 80% recycled corrugated plastic box-like construction allows for durability and use in wet weather. The broad flat outside surface provides for each rider's unique personalization. Each Donkey Boxx contains a kit with two reflective stickers, a Velcro closure for the lid and zip ties for mounting.  Stays in place until you are ready to cut the ties. Includes a heel clearance tool.  Made in America. Load rated to 30 lbs. Weight 14oz
13” x 9” x 13”/14oz. / 1120 cu. in

Each Donkey Boxx comes with:
• one (1) Donkey Boxx
• six (6) zip ties
• two (2) plastic stiffener
• two (2) reflective decals
• one (1) velcro adhesive strip
• one (1) heel clearance tool


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