Da Brim Sporty Helmet Visor

Da Brim
$41.95 - $44.95

A smaller version of the Da Brim Classic, the Sporty offers improved performance for faster riders and good 360° UPF50+ sun protection. 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear to provide excellent neck sun protection. The adjustable front visor can be angled so you have a clear forward view while riding in a head down riding position. Tested to combined wind speeds of 35 mph. One size fits most. 4.3 oz. Installation instructions


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Portable shade


Reviewed By: Kent Beisner on 2/24/17

Take shade for your face and neck with you. I've ridden at speeds over 30 mph with complete stability of Da Brim. It did take some imagination to install rear view mirror. A great product to keep sun off.

Good Coverage


Reviewed By: Linda Gryczan on 7/19/16

I originally bought the larger Da Brim, but found it too big. This is perfect & I plan on using it for all day rides.

Sunny weather? Take DaBrim


Reviewed By: Mike Bursztyn on 5/30/15

I do a lot of bicycle touring in southern Florida. This product offers superb sun protection and reduces glare while riding. It can be finicky in regards to getting it to seat properly on your helmet, but once adjusted, all good. Can't say how many of these I have helped sell, as many, many people see me wearing it and ask where such a product can be purchased.

Don't leave home without it


Reviewed By: Larry Hodgin on 11/21/14

I swear by the DaBrim. The sport brim is much better for speed, on recumbent and upright. With an extension to my helmet mirror, it works well too. Us older riders don't need another C thing to worry about. Young riders should join the prevention club also.

Essential sun protection


Reviewed By: Allan Cameron on 6/7/13

A must in the AZ desert sun where skin cancer is epidemic. Great shade on face and neck. Does not seem to be a problem in wind or at 20 mph. I have since bought the DaBrim for wife, adult kids and brother. We all love them. Other cyclists stop us to ask where we found "the hats". I won't ride during the day without my Da Brim.

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