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Wind Blox
$17.95 - $18.95

Designed to block 80% of wind noise while riding your bike. Unlike ear plugs and headphones, Wind-Blox only blocks the wind noise, allowing you to hear approaching traffic, nature and fellow cyclists. Black. Sold as a pair. Two sizes: 

  • Wind Blox Pro L - 2cm. x 10cm
  • Wind Blox Pro XL - 3cm x 11cm



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They Work!


Reviewed By: James Ralston on 11/16/19

At age 73 my hearing has diminished somewhat. I ride on the street a fair amount so like to hear what is going on around me. I strongly believe that I am able to hear more with the wind blockers on my helmet straps. I will continue to use them.

Definitely Help Block Noise


Reviewed By: Claudine Zender on 9/9/19

I'd estimate they cut wind noise by about 75%, which increases riding pleasure and safety (I can better hear cars approaching from the rear). The only size choices are large and extra-large, however. I wear a small helmet and think a medium size would fit better. I'm currently folding over the bottom seam, but I'll probably cut them down to make them fit better. It would be nice to just buy the size I need. Unless you're as big as a typical American male or larger (that would be 5'8" tall), I suggest buying the smallest size available.

Reduced noise considerably


Reviewed By: Wind Blox on 6/5/19

I tried these and noticed a difference right away. As the instructions mention, the noise reduction is not appreciated until one takes the wind blox off. My husband also tried them, and he liked them so much he had me order some for him. Wearing sunglasses with these on the helmet straps makes for a snug fit, and could be uncomfortable after a long ride, but I am happy with them.

Agreed--a modest improvement.


Reviewed By: Linda Vitkus on 12/12/18

They cut some noise, though 80% is wildly optimistic. They were a bit too long, even though I ordered the smaller size. I like them enough, however, that I'll continue to wear them, though I might shorten them a bit to fit my smaller face.

Meh (so far)


Reviewed By: Georider on 12/1/18

Maybe my head's shaped funny, but the only way I can hear the sounds of 80-ish% wind noise reduction is by manually pulling my chin strap down. But I like two hands on my bars. Alternatively, I could cinch my helmet straps so tight that I'd worry about breathing or brain circulation. Maybe I should trim a bit off the XL sized product I bought. Still experimenting. A user manual, even a tiny one, might have been helpful.

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