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Wind Blox
$17.95 - $18.95

Designed to block up to 80% of wind noise while riding your bike (ACA's opinion is product blocks +/- up to 50% of wind noise). Unlike ear plugs and headphones, Wind-Blox only blocks the wind noise, allowing you to hear approaching traffic, nature and fellow cyclists. Black. Sold as a pair. Two sizes: 

  • Wind Blox Pro L - 2cm. x 10cm
  • Wind Blox Pro XL - 3cm x 11cm

Please note, product is not elligible for return if it has been used. 



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They Definitely work!


Reviewed By: Art Bull on 6/17/20

Block about 75% of wind noise, I'm going to order another pair in case something happens to the ones I just bought (like sweat). Size is a bit on the large size as other reviewers have noted, but these things work!



Reviewed By: RustyB on 6/17/20

Didn't notice significant difference. Comfort level of the hemet straps decrease especially for individuals who wear goggles or glasses.

Wind noise reduction significant


Reviewed By: Stu Goldenberg on 6/5/20

My wife and I ride a tandem. Before the Wind Blox, hearing and understanding each other at 15 mi/hr was impossible. Now we can talk at a normal level at 20 mi/hr comfortably. Sure, there is still some wind noise, but it is greatly reduced.

Save your money


Reviewed By: Fletcher Catron on 5/14/20

I've been using these for a couple of weeks now. I can't hear a difference in wind noise, although I might experiment with one on and one off, just to see if there is a difference between the two sides. In addition to seeming nearly useless, they make the helmet strap less comfortable, they prevent cycling sunglasses from being outside the strap and prevent the glasses from going on easily if you are already wearing the helmet, and they are definitely too long, even though they are the smaller size. I'll revisit this review if continuing use persuades me to change my mind about all this.

They Work!


Reviewed By: James Ralston on 11/16/19

At age 73 my hearing has diminished somewhat. I ride on the street a fair amount so like to hear what is going on around me. I strongly believe that I am able to hear more with the wind blockers on my helmet straps. I will continue to use them.

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