Jogalite Cyclist's Safety Triangle

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Visibility is very important. This safety triangle help you to be seen by motorists with omnidirectional reflection, and features the Adventure Cycling Association logo.

Weight: 1.7oz

Size: 10"x10"x10"

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Does what it should


Reviewed By: Larry Smith on 10/6/22

I use it on my recumbent, dangling from the seat back. Attachment took a bit of work to keep it stable. Came in super handy on my fall ride to Yellowstone.

A must have on road cycling!


Reviewed By: Albert Mcdonald on 9/17/22

I live in Rural Mississippi and I have the Garmin Radar light but still had cars passing dangerously around me. But once I added this safety triangle it's like they relate to slow-moving vehicles and to go around! I think the news and media need to do PSA on Bicycles rights on the roadways and for the motorist to fully understand how to react with us to keep all parties safe.

never bike without it!


Reviewed By: Kay Peterson on 4/6/22

I love that the strap is adjustable, and it is an all-weather item. I never commute without it on my back!

Too Big


Reviewed By: Alan Gustin on 1/11/22

I got two of these to put on the back of my bikes. I already had one that i strap to the back of my bikepacking seat bag that is perfect. These are twice the size of the Aardvark brand that I have now. The Aardvark brand also has a couple of velcro tabs to hang from your seat. When the Aardvark brand are hung from the seat they sometimes rub the back tire, so there is no way I can hang these Jogalite back there and when I strap them to my seat bag they are way too big and just wrap around all sides, so more visible from the sides and less from the back than the Aardvarks. The Jogalite come with a belt that I guess you are supposed to wear around your waist? I cannot see how the belt would allow me to attach it to my bike. So, the quality of the Jogalite seems good enough, but the usability is sub par.

Safer with the safety triangle


Reviewed By: Richard Toupin on 6/16/21

My wife and I are wearing the ACA’s safety triangles of our Transam trip this summer. We know that these improve our visibility and safety. One added bonus: we recognize other bicyclists who are associated with the ACA! When we were on the Blue Ridge Parkway last week we met up with a group of cyclists who all had safety triangles. They were all with a van supported Adventure Cycling group!

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