Cycling Movies on Netflix

Apr 16th, 2019

Your time is typically better spent on the bike, but during your rest time, recover with a few cycling films on Netflix. Pop the popcorn. Sit back and enjoy. 


Talk about a doping scandal. This documentary follows filmmaker and amateur cycling racer, Bryan Fogel, as he explores the doping options in cycling. As he goes deeper, he happens to meet a certain Russian scientist and discovers an international doping scandal like the world has never seen. Take some time to watch this Oscar-winning film.


Advertised as a visual homage to the bicycle, Accomplice follows the world’s top mountain bikers to far-flung locations, providing their superb riding with a stunning backdrop. 

Pedal the World

One of the few touring films we’ve seen on Netflix, Pedal the World is the story of Felix Starck’s adventure-filled year of cycling across 22 countries. If this doesn’t get your wheels turning on the next adventure you’ll take, well, you can watch a myriad of other great touring films streamable on Youtube and Vimeo. 

The Least Expected Day – inside the Movistar Team 2019 

Pro cycling’s Movistar team sets their sights on victory while on the road as they face challenges, controversy and internal conflict.


In this Indian comedy, an astrologer’s prized bicycle is stolen. The journey to find it is not unlike the adventure of riding and touring, one of lessons-learned and self-realization.

100 Meters

A man who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis responds by training for an Ironman triathlon, with his crank father-in-law’s help.

El límite infinito

Scaling the Himalayas with a bicycle powered by his hands, Jean Maggi advances adaptive sports forever.

Biking Borders

As they ride from Berlin to Beijing, best friends Max and Nono collect donations to build a school.

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