Rok Straps Commuter Adjustable Strap

Rok Straps
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Say farewell to unsightly bungee straps. Say goodbye and good riddance to hazardous tie down shock cords. The ROK tie down straps will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these tie down straps will become an integral part of your lifesty! 


• 12" to 28" (300-720mm) Adjustable Reflective Straps, 2 (Two) in a pack
• 65lbs Breaking Strain
• Loops Ends, No Steel Hooks, Minimum Recoil
• 2 (Two) in a pack, Reflective Thread
• Solid Rubber Core, Polyester Outer


• Easily adjusts from 12” to 42” (310mm to 1060mm) x 5/8”
• No metal hooks – secure attachment loops
• Constant tension – shock cord ensures buckle does not slip
• Safer & stronger than a bungee
• Solid Rubber with quick release buckle for cargo access
• UV Resistant
• Super Strong


Average rating: based on 4 reviews.

ROK straps eliminate bungee danger


Reviewed By: Marilyn Courrier on 11/3/17

I gave these to my husband for an anniversary present, so I can't say I have used them. I do know that we have experienced the bungee cord slipping off the racks, bungee breaking with painful results to rider and items, and bungees getting tangled in the spokes. These straps will make us better packers, and I like the bright orange color.

Bungees NO More!


Reviewed By: Tammy Schurr on 4/17/17

I have two sets or orange ones (narrower) on two different bikes with rear racks and the lime ones (wider) on my B.O.B. trailer that replaced the worn out bungees the trailer came with. I give them as gifts too! They cinch down well, and hold gear much better than bungees and without snapping your eye out!

A great strap!


Reviewed By: John K on 2/17/16

For attaching gear to a rack I've tried bungee cords - which fray fairly quickly and are relatively unadjustable. I've tried elastic straps with hooks specifically marketed for biking - only to have them slip free and either disappear en route or end up in my spokes. The perfect solution? - ROK straps. I wish I'd found them before wasting time and money on the other attempts!

Way better than a bungee


Reviewed By: Bike Tassie on 9/23/13

I got my first one of these in Australia in 2003 and it works so much better than a bungee. Cinching down the web section really allows the rubber section to work without concern for stretching over time. The strap finally tore from overuse in 2011(10-20 000miles) and I had another strap sewed around the metal hook because I couldn't locate the same ROK straps in the US(until now). The motorcycle travel industry had similar but not the right mix of hooks and rubber segment.

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