Pacific Coast Route Section 1

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Vancouver, BC - Astoria, OR (402 miles)
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Vancouver is a relatively easy city in which to bicycle. Then after crossing the border into Washington, you'll be riding on narrow two-lane roads on level terrain. There are no shoulders, and traffic is light. Bellingham is a larger town with moderate traffic and some congested intersections. SR-20 south of Anacortes and Whidbey Island has some rolling to hilly terrain. There are several narrow two-lane sections and congested areas near the island's towns; traffic is generally light away from SR 20. South of Port Townsend the route is rolling to hilly on mostly low-traffic rural roads through farms and forests. From Castle Rock in southern Washington you'll face some steep climbs across low hills to Ocean Beach Rd. along the Columbia River. In Oregon, you'll ride west on US 30, which carries moderate traffic and has wide shoulders most of the way into Astoria, the beginning and end points for the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail and the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail.

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Pacific Coast route #1


Reviewed By: Stephens Parker on 4/17/10

All AC maps that I have used have been accurate and helpful. I have not ridden this route yet, but the map appears to look fine.

review of PC Route 1 and 2


Reviewed By: A customer from Colorado Springs, CO on 9/13/10

The maps were very helpful and a good size. The only problem we had was consistently finding and staying on the designated route without being able to see other roads in the area that intersected the route. A larger perspective would offer the rider greater assistance but would necessitate a larger map. Several times we got on a wrong road and were unable to figure out where we went wrong without the visual help of a larger map.

Very helpful tool


Reviewed By: Steven Gerber on 10/13/10

Overall the map was very good. My only complaint was that if you miss a turn or get off course there is nothing on the map to help you figure out where you are so you can get back on track. next time i'll compensate by carrying additional maps and a GPS

Pacific Coast Route Section 1


Reviewed By: Louis Trottier on 3/7/11

Excellent map! compact, resist to rain, have telephone numbers and addresses for tourist offices, emergencies (just in case) and accomodations (ex. : lodging). I intend to follow the routes indicated in each of the 13 minimaps. It looks like it has been made from multiple experiences over the years. Do not regret my purchase.

Got us to the church on time


Reviewed By: A customer from Norfolk, va on 8/3/11

A good guide for getting out of Vancouver. We got off the train, got on the bike and made Bellingham, WA by dinnertime. Detoured down 101along the Hood canal rejoining the route in Shelton, WA, then veered off again at Castle Rock and picked up the STP route into Portland for our daughter's wedding. Googled for hotels alng the way. A great trip overall!

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