Jogalite Cyclist's Safety Triangle

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Visibility is very important. This safety triangle help you to be seen by motorists, and features the Adventure Cycling Association logo.

Weight: 1.7oz

Size: 10"x10"x10"


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Safety Triangle


Reviewed By: Brian on 8/22/16

Excellent product. I ride in the early morning often, and from my military background have had the reflective vest mentality ingrained in me. This easily attaches to my trunk bag and can be seen very clearly. Many of my riding group have commented on the visibility and safety aspect of it. I recommend it for all who ride in the dark.

Safety Triangle


Reviewed By: Alvin s on 5/18/16

Nice to add more to be sure be seen on road ways

Great for a trailer too


Reviewed By: John on 3/8/16

This is a good piece of equipment to have. I haven't used it on a tour yet, but I keep it on the back of the trailer I use to go grocery shopping. It kind of flops around a bit as it was really designed to wear as a belt. This is not a big problem, I'll just find a way to stiffen it out for the trailer.



Reviewed By: Jeffrey Skinner on 6/5/14

This is awesome!! I rode a fully loaded touring bike for so long without any reflective gear. I received one of these safety triangles on my Leadership Training Course that I did with ACA. I've been using it ever since, and I have noticed a HUGE difference. Now, it seems like I am much more visible to passing cars as they give me more room than ever, and barely ever get too close for comfort. Highly recommended. I also just ordered the new Safety Wing for a little extra visibility. I think combined, these two will be perfect.

Great visibility


Reviewed By: bromines32 on 7/22/13

I forget it is around my waist. On a commute to work, a coworker later said I looked like a truck from a distance.

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