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The ultimate hassle-free solution to see what's coming up behind you when you are cycling. Due to a unique covered wire, the Reflex is flexible and fully adjustable. It features a shatterproof mirror, and has a 360° swivel with a 45° tilt. Works on all helmets.

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Reviewed By: Jim McCracken on 8/4/09

I'm happy with this mirror. It attaches firmly to the outside of the helmut,is extremely adjustable, and just the right size. The only fault I've seen is a tendency to vibrate on rough roads (chip seal) due to the bendable "accordian" wire. But it's still the best mirror I've used.

"What is behind is of no concern!"


Reviewed By: Zeeline on 6/29/10

That is what the Guardia di Finanza Officer (Italian Customs) told my fellow Customs Agent, as he riped off the rearview mirror from the U.S. Embassy car at the beginning of an orientation tour of Rome. But now that I am retired and biking, it does concern me. This mirror attaches to my helmet, extremely flexible, and seems to be able to take a lot of abuse. The mirroe is plastic and will not shatter. It snaps off when I need to put on my rain covering, and reattaches easily.



Reviewed By: A customer from Topeka, KS on 11/9/10

Thumbs up. Easy to install and works as represented. It is both good quality and a good value.

Helmet mirror


Reviewed By: Rob Kerr on 5/12/11

I think a mirror is very useful, especially on a long trip. This mirror is small, durable, packs very well. It is a bit tricky to use effectively and took me time to know how to set it. At high speeds on bumpy roads, it tends to vibrate a bit and that makes it more difficult to see with. But that may be unavoidable. Overall, I highly recommend this mirror.

Melts on Car Dashboard!


Reviewed By: Tim Bauman on 10/1/11

Nice mirror, but while your sunglasses will survive on top of the dashboard of your car, this mirror won't. Mine is still usable, but the image is distorted due to a minor melt-down. Put it someplace in the shade when you're packing up your gear for a ride.

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