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Vancouver, BC - Imperial Beach, CA (1,857.0 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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The scenic Pacific Coast Route travels from Vancouver, B.C., to Imperial Beach, California. Breathtaking cliffs, redwood forests, lighthouses, beaches, and a rugged coastline makes this a very popular route. Discover the beauty to be found between Canada and Mexico.

For more information on this route or to print out the most up to date addenda for these maps please click here.

**NOTE: (March 2017) Due to mud slides and a bridge failure, SR 1 in the Big Sur area is closed until at least late 2017. See Pacific Coast Section 4 addenda for a detour.**

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Better than the book


Reviewed By: Philip Fowler on 8/17/13

I have to disagree with another reviewer. On my ride I found the 'Bicycling the Pacific Coast' book to be inaccurate. Almost everyone that I met on the route was using the Adventure Cycling Maps. Those that weren't were begging to borrow and copy them. There were numerous occasions where the Adventure Cycling maps routed you off the roads and onto wonderful bike paths. I recall meeting some cyclists in Arcata that had followed the book along the highway (through construction); whereas, I had followed a delightful bike path through farmland. Using the Adventure Cycling maps I took a small ferry across the Columbia River; those using the book rode across the bridge (terrifying I am told). The Advenure Cycling maps may take a slightly longer route; but, they always take you along safe roads and to scenic spots.

Pacific Coast Route Maps


Reviewed By: A customer from on 5/4/12

I find the maps hard to read and interpret. Granted, map space is at a premium. However, the route descriptions are so compact and abbreviated that interpreting them is difficult for me. Sometimes the abundant detail gets in the way of understanding the map. When I previously biked along the Oregon coast, I found the maps produced by the Oregon Dept of Transportation to be much easier to use than the Adventure Cycling map.

Excellent information source


Reviewed By: Jackson Griffiths on 4/8/12

I bought these because I am in the planning stages of riding this route. I must admit that I was underwhelmed when I received these maps in the post. Where was the protector cardω The folded bits of paper look like they would be sodden in the first rain shower of the ride. On further thought and closer inspection these are exactly the maps one would need for a multi-day tour. The absence of any protector card makes it easy to fold and refold the map as one cycles the route. Although it does not seem like it the maps mentions the paper is waterproof. The information on the maps cannot be faulted: maps of each sections, vertical scale, riding conditions and climate. It is all there to plan and execute a tour.



Reviewed By: Manfred Bertelmann on 1/7/12

Excellent content and successful fast arrival from abroad, especielly the additonal informations are very helpfull. Experiences will follow later this year. Start of the ride is in August.

Pacific Coast


Reviewed By: David Thomson on 10/8/11

The material prepared by Adventure Cycling Association is outstanding and quite factual. It is well prepared and provides accurate information which you can depend upon.

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