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Vancouver, BC - Imperial Beach, CA (1,854 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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The scenic Pacific Coast Route travels from Vancouver, B.C., to Imperial Beach, California. Breathtaking cliffs, redwood forests, lighthouses, beaches, and a rugged coastline makes this a very popular route. Discover the beauty to be found between Canada and Mexico.

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Reviewed By: E Gananian on 12/25/06

Without question, the maps are the single most important tool you need to tour on a bike. They are almost like a piece of art. Do you really want to bother with an electronic deviceωωω Not!



Reviewed By: Kit Wennersten on 12/25/06

When used in conjunction with the book "Bicycling the Pacific Coast" you are provided several different options for making the trek from Canada to San Diego. Maps sometimes require writing out cue cards since the printing is very small and aged eyes cannot read the directions. My third set of maps.



Reviewed By: A customer from LA, CA, USA on 6/14/09

Useful if following the route closely.

Honestly, the Bicycling the Pacific Coast Book is Better


Reviewed By: A customer from San Diego on 11/5/09

I'm sure these maps are fine if nothing else is available. I barely glanced at them on my tour. Perhaps for other routes, the ACA maps are the best. For the Pacific Coast Route, Bicycling the Pacific Coast is a better option. The book provides large and readable cue sheets for your map pocket and all the information that you need is right in front of you in a useable format, including milepost markers, routing, lodging, food, etc... Nobody I met going southbound was using the ACA maps and all were referring to the book. I copied the pages that I needed and rotated them daily. Again, I'm sure there are adherents of the ACA maps, but I didn't meet any and it was not money well spent for me.

Malibu to Coronado


Reviewed By: A customer from Suwanee, GA on 12/18/09

The route was great and the map was accurate and easy to follow. A couple of lesson's learned. 1. When riding on beach-side bike paths, the cross streets are not well marked. Twice we missed the point where we needed to turn inland and ended up off route. My recommendation is when you know you are getting close to a turn, exit the bike trail and ride the parallel roadway. They are low traffic, generally wide, and good for riding as well. 2. The map shows the route only. If you miss a turn, its very easy to end up off the map. You need additional maps for land navigation. DO NOT RELY on the adventure cycling map alone. We used a Garmin Nuvi. A large paper map works better as you can see more of the area you are trying to traverse. 3. The route stays on PCH through Newport Beach. By following the route, we missed the harbor area and a great lunch spot. I wish we had looked closer at other maps so we would have known. 4. The section from San Clemente to San Onofre State Beach (SOSB) seems confusing. When you go up the hill and see the obvious street to the left, take it. This is Old Pacific HWY (its parallel to I5). Continue following it and everything will be OK. It leads straight into SOSB.

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