Planet Bike Protege 5.0 Bike Computer

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Keep track of the important stuff when you toggle between current speed, ride time, trip distance odometer, and current time. A heavy-duty, oversized wire harness and ultrasonically welded case ensures a durable, weatherproof unit.


Weight: (w/ bracket & sensor) 57 grams

Size: Case size 40 x 47mm

Height: (w/ bracket) 27mm



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Had one, won't do it again.


Reviewed By: A customer from TX, USA on 9/14/12

I bought one of these from a local shop in order to keep track of my mileage on my daily commute. It had been a while since I had set one of these up, but the instructions were clear enough to set up in no time at all. Everything was fine until 3 weeks later when I noticed that my mileage wasn't adding up. I found out later that the unit was shorting out whenever I would hit a bump or rut in the road, which is almost all the time. Not too happy.

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