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There's no need to carry a freewheel remover or risk opening your brakes to make it home. String up the FiberFix Spoke using the simple instructions. Turn the device with the provided spoke wrench to the desired tightness, tie off the excess cord and you're ready to ride. The strong Kevlar cord will get you to your destination on a road ride or backcountry adventure.

Weight: 0.5 oz

Materials: plastic container / metal screw, nuts / kevlar cord

Installation instructions and further information is available here.


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Fiber Spoke


Reviewed By: Larry moormeier on 6/1/10

The fiber spokes are simple and easy to use and are must for long distance touring. Essential item for a tool bag. I carry (2) fiber spokes when long distance touring in case I break a spoke on the free wheel side because I do not carry the tool to remove the free wheel. May 2009, my riding partner and I met a cyclist from New York on the road a few days earlier and we all were headed west. About 60 miles east of Murphysboro, Il. our new cycling friend broke two spokes on the rear rim freewheel side. My partner and I had 3 fiber spokes between us. Our friend use two of them which allowed him to repair and true the wheel and ride another 50 miles to the nearest bicycle shop. The following day he broke another spoke and reused one of the fiber spokes used the previous day.

Finally came in handy


Reviewed By: A customer from Minneapolis, MN on 4/30/10

I've been carrying mine for about 3 years, I finally broke a spoke. No problems, the fiberfix worked amazingly well. Installed fast, proved strong enough for several miles of continued riding to get home. My opinion: If a person knows how to remove & remount a tire, then they should already have the skills to use this. It's cheap & lightweight, so carrying it is simple insurance against having to walk home.

Save my run


Reviewed By: A customer from QUebec Canada on 10/30/09

I broke one spoke on the Cabot trail in Nova scotia,I use the fiberfix spoke for more than a week before i can fix it !Very good product very hepfull.

I can't rate this yet


Reviewed By: Judy Norris on 9/5/09

I bought the FiberFix Spoke but haven't used it yet so can't rate it. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who has used it and liked it.

Spoke Keeps You Rolling


Reviewed By: A customer from Cincinnati, OH on 6/11/09

A cycling friend carried one of these in his pack for six years. We finally used it on a remote portion of the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. The instructions start with " Don't Panic." The spoke was easy to install, goes into the freewheel side of the hub without removing the freehwheel and can be removed and reused once you have a replacement spoke

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