The Gift of Adventure

Dec 12th, 2022

The holidays are here, and you don’t have any gifts?! Don’t panic — Adventure Cycling has you covered.  

Two people stand in front of a National Forest sign reading Kaibab National Forest.
Why not go places with your gifts this holiday season?
Charles Utermohle

Send Your Loved Ones on the Trip of a Lifetime 

Some people seek out adventure, and others need a little nudge. Either way, you can help your loved ones find new adventures by gifting them a subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine, membership to the Adventure Cycling Association, a route map, a bike trip, or bike gear they can use for years to come. Who knows — maybe one gift will inspire the trip of a lifetime! 

Send Everyone Else Far Away 

I’m going to be frank here: adventure is also the perfect gift for everyone you’re sick of. Is one of your colleagues driving you crazy? Send them an anonymous subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine! Do you have a terrible roommate? Again, slip them a mag. Maybe they’ll just bike away! I encourage you to think joyfully about your ulterior motives and do what you need to do.  

Lay the Bait for New Bike Friends 

What if you have neither friends nor enemies this holiday season? In that case, my best advice is to get new people to go cycling with you by baiting them with inspiring images and stories about other cyclists. Pick a few places around town where people hang out — maybe a coffee shop, a gym, or a rec center — and donate a subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine. Once the magazine is in place, new people will take the bait! After reading a few pages, they’ll be instantly hooked on the tantalizing prospect of their own bike journeys! Then all you have to do is stick a sign on the wall advertising your new bike club and reel in your new bike friends. 

Two cyclist's shadows are seen against a rock in the golden light of the setting sun in Big Bend National Park.
Bruce Oppenheim

Gifts for the Adventure Curious

Membership in a Cycling Nonprofit

If you didn’t know, Adventure Cycling Association is a non-profit bike community that inspires, empowers, and connects people to travel by bicycle. Since 1973, they’ve helped thousands of people cycle multi-day routes to far-flung places around the world — or to fabulous nooks just down the road.  

An Adventure Cycling Membership includes a subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine, up to 30% off bike route maps, and unique member discounts on bike-related products and services. Your membership is tax-deductible and helps fund Adventure Cycling Association’s crucial advocacy campaigns for safer cycling conditions, bike-accessible transportation, and more designated bicycle routes.  

Membership is just $45 a year, with additional discounts for seniors, students, and families. Multi-year or lifetime memberships are also available.  

Subscription to a Travel-Inspiring Magazine 

Adventure Cyclist magazine is an award-winning bimonthly publication filled with epic photography, original stories, and illustrated guides. Like a book, it’s designed to sit on your shelf for long-term referencing. Some sections — like camp recipes, stretching guides, and mechanical tips — are ready for you to rip out and take on your next long ride. This special magazine has inspired and enabled new and experienced adventure cyclists for nearly fifty years.  

Subscriptions cost $45 a year and include membership to Adventure Cycling Association.  

Gifts for the Adventure Ready

Bicycle Route Maps 

Adventure Cycling is the OG for bike mapping: they made cool bike routes before people knew bike routes were cool. They published their first route, the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, in 1976. Since then, they’ve added 50,000 miles of routes crisscrossing every state in the lower 48. You can choose between dozens of routes that cross the US horizontally or vertically; hop onto connector routes that detour between wilderness and historical sites; or ride your choice of many long-distance loops.  

Maps are available in digital or print. Digital maps can be purchased through Adventure Cycling’s Bicycle Navigator App or as GPX files

To find the right route map for you, check out the Interactive Network Map or request a free map catalog.  

The camera looks down over a cyclist in a light green jacket who is reading an open Adventure Cycling map.
Maps are the subtle nudge someone might need to take the leap!
Carolina Domiguez

Gear to Get Them Going

Check out the Cyclosource store for bike gear, apparel, and route memorabilia. All gear is tested for quality by the Adventure Cycling team. Buying from the Cyclosource store supports Adventure Cycling’s mission and bike advocacy work. 

Don’t know what to choose from the store? Give a bicycle travel calendar or a gift certificate.  

Guided Group Bicycle Tours 

Choose from gravel tours, beginner’s tours, or epic adventures that take you thousands of miles across the country. Some tours are self-contained, and others are van supported. Destinations span across the United States from Alaska to Florida. Check out the full list of upcoming cycling tours here. Adventure Cycling offers discounts for friends and groups over five

Don’t know which cycling tour to choose? Purchase a Guided Tour Gift Certificate

A group of cyclists are stopped and smiling near a sign says Whitefish Bike Retreat and Beer.
For the beginner, try the Intro to Gravel and Bikepacking Tour in Montana.
Luis Miller

The Gift of Adventure is perfect for: 

  • The person in the office who looks wistfully out the window on lunch breaks 
  • That odd cousin 
  • An ex-partner who needs to move on 
  • The person you picked for Secret Santa 
  • Someone you haven’t talked to in years, but you know needs a change in their life 
  • A high school or college student finding their way in the world 
  • All your siblings 
  • Your irascible boss 
  • Your middle-aged spouse who’s having a mid-life crisis 
  • Actually, any spouse 
  • A friend who you’re trying to convince to go on a trip with you 
  • The guy who packs your groceries at the store 
  • Your kids or your friends’ kids or any kids 
  • Your retired or unretired parents 
  • Your best friend 
  • Your worst friend 
  • Fine, even a medium-level friend 
  • Your doctor’s office, gym, coffee shop, or rec center 
  • Wherever the teenagers go to get into trouble 
  • Wherever the teenagers go to stay out of trouble 
  • Anyone in a bad relationship who needs to move on 
  • The person on the subway who scrolls cat pictures every morning 
  • You! 

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