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Laura Killingbeck

At twenty-one, with no prior cycling experience, Laura packed up her camping gear and biked solo around Iceland. Since then she's biked across Colombia and Ecuador, around Costa Rica, and across eastern and western Canada and the US. She loves campfires, open roads, and the feeling of disappearing into the wind. Laura's stories have appeared in Bicycling Magazine, Outdoor Research, Communities Magazine, Permaculture Design Magazine, the Tico Times, and more. She is a frequent contributor to the Adventure Cycling Association's blog and newsletter Dynamo Jenny.

When she's not biking or hiking, Laura lives in a tiny house in Massachusetts with a small family of sock puppets. You can connect with her on Instagram at @laurakillingbeck.

Laura transforms from seedy nightclub server to solo adventure cyclist in one week flat, rediscovering her positivity and herself among the chaos of uncertainty.
Aug 14, 2019