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Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell is an Arkansawyer. He lives on a small farm with his wife, Phyllis, where they raise dairy goats, egg hens, meat birds, and a large garden. Their home is powered by solar panels and a woodstove.  On good days, Chuck gets to enjoy an 8-mile morning bicycle commute to Russellville High School, where he’s a science teacher, and extra miles in the afternoon.

During a failed attempt to complete the Tour Divide (2015), Chuck had an epiphany for an Adventure Cycling route in Arkansas. The idea was to identify all of the cool places in the northwest quadrant of the Natural State and lace them all together as a mixed gravel bike route. The result is the Arkansas High Country Route.

Arkansas is quickly becoming a cycling mecca. Local science teacher and bicycle traveler, Chuck, reveals his favorite parts of the Arkansas High Country Bicycle Route and why no tour will be the same after Arkansas.
Jun 5, 2019